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User Info: BoxKnocker

4 years ago#1
Because I think we'd be great together. I'd like to collect a good little sampling of people who, firstly, play insane (hard would only be for relaxing, or request if someone's just having an off day), and secondly, don't quit when its hard. In other words, people who play insane to play insane. Not even sure what the other people do it for.

Or whatever, really, I'll honestly just be happy to play because playing with people who don't understand co-operation, or the point of difficulty, or teamwork, or sharing, or consideration, or sacrifice, and so on and so forth is better than not playing at all.

You may stop reading now as my only point was to let you know I am often playing, and its always worth hitting me up when you're having trouble finding people who want mk 5 attachments for their guns.

PSN - Electrofilth

As always, I will add I own a lot of games. I would sooner eat my own excrement than sell a video game for food money so timeframe is not an issue, the only thing I don't play is sports/RTS (because I'm still happily plucking resources out of the ground when a sea of death machines wipes me out, but its one im willing to try again). I'm simply an ideal co-op player for other ideal co-op players, well, the sect of gamers who are well-adjusted, joyous people who walk the path. Like, THE path. Ya' naw wuda mean? Like, dude, if you like, ever hated something, but then you like, learned to not hate it, not because it changed, but because you did, thats like, a good sign, the one caveat is that, like, it can't be because you joined them, thats like, not the same thing, brah.

Now, for a question related to FAR CRY 3

At this point, im tired of editing, could be full of errors, don't care, tired of writing things you're tired of reading.

It may irritate me when people get impatient, or lack faith in their/team's ability and sacrifice game-play for progress (I mean before you've even hit five tries). I am willing to admit it can be necessary, and may actually be the result of a very similar behavior that maybe someone can clear up for me so I can either allow myself to be angry about it or finally put it to bed.
Are waves of enemies spawned when a) picking up objects and/or b) setting objects

In one mission I believe I set an object down and it reset to its original position, in a case like this, does the wave reset each time?

Do enemies spawn endlessly in addition to waves? Do they spawn until there is a cutoff point reached via player action?

The reason I ask is A) I never deal with objects and shoot the entire time, and there's been a few occurrences that have both seemed endless during any one session while another we're able to wipe them out. I'm never paying attention to the objects, I do notice however when we're getting seems like there's a volume increase because one person is just steady completing objectives as we get over-run, and that's what I want to be angry about; people who don't know when to say "I'm not going to succeed here on willpower and hope". They could be the smart ones though, knowing that it's an endless infinite loop, and if we're being over-run now, its only going to get worse as there's no variations in the spawn pattern. There's also the possibility of increasing with intensity as time goes on. Could be a combination of endless spawns with triggered waves, etc. Any information or speculation is appreciated.
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