Flammewerfer (spoilers)

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User Info: knives out

knives out
4 years ago#11
atomsteele posted...
It's skrillex reggae. Its skrillgae.

Remember.... violence is NEVER the answer. Sometimes, though, it's the question... and the answer is "Yes".

User Info: sparticusjoe

4 years ago#12
If you look up what a Flammenwerfer actually looks like, you'd see that the weapon in the game doesn't look a **** thing like a Flammenwerfer. Not even slightly german looking at all.


User Info: atomsteele

4 years ago#13
All flammenwerfer means is "flamethrower". It's not the original WW2 version but it is a flammenwerfer because...you know....it werfs flammen.

User Info: Milk_Core

4 years ago#14
HatchetHound posted...
Zis is mein Flammenwerfer. It werfs flammen. Zer are many like it, but zis von is mein.

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