has anyone noticed...

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User Info: ChelloYall

4 years ago#11
THE_JOKE_KING33 posted...
Webstedge posted...
Billy-De-Kid posted...
MasterFenix95 posted...
You move the world.



LOL! Nice!

User Info: squiggy9996999

4 years ago#12
"Cya later, enjoy your money sink and becoming an elitist douche"

LMAO, that's the douchiest post of this short (so far) douche 2013 season!

way to be elitist, coming to a 360 message board to call a pc gamer an elitist. when the steam box comes out, watch the exodus. i'll be one of those douchebags, happy to know you won't be online gaming with us.

why pay 800$ for an out-of-date-before-it-even-hits-market nextbox-station when you can pay 200 dollars more for an open sourced pc that lets you link all of your entertainment the way you want?

this last generation has shown that console makers think we are all stupid sheep. at this point i feel sorry for people who defend consoles, but i guess people on the pepsi boards get trolled by coke fans too. ;)

User Info: bLiNdSnIpErZ20

4 years ago#13
They patched it. I was trying to get the achievement for throwing rocks and I wasn't moving at all while I was throwing rocks and a couple of days past.
Games I'm looking forward to: State of Decay, GTA V, Dead Space 3, Defiance
Currently playing: Black Ops 2, Dark Souls, GTA IV, Bf3
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