some (rare) animals locations ?

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User Info: vmac_22

4 years ago#1
I'm not talking about the rare animals in the path of the hunter, I'm talking about some less important animals, that I can't seem to find in the game...I just want to have them all in the handbook.

I'm 34% into the game, covered almost all of the first island, still there's a couple of animals I have yet to see. Do they appear only on the second island, or I'm just blind ? Anybody can give me some locations ?

Moray eels
Sea Turtles
Macaque (Haven't seen any except the one in Anamaki village)


Snakes : Already have it, but I haven't seen any except the one at the beginning at the first tower. Are they that rare ?

Crocodiles : Already have it too, but the only place I saw one is the little river south of the Anamaki village, just east of the first jetski race. It's always there at the exact same spot, but that's the only one I saw.

User Info: Edalborez

4 years ago#2
There's a Macaque in some ruins in one of the later missions on the first island. Mission 17 or 18 I think.

Note that % given on the Handbook is kind of misleading. It's accounting for everything on that page like relics, supply drops, recipes, etc.

User Info: vmac_22

4 years ago#3
Oh I didnt know if the animal counted for % or not, I just want to have them all in the book just for the fun of it, but yeah...there is some I cannot find.

User Info: vmac_22

4 years ago#4
Well what do you know...Next mission I did (Down at the docks) I got to see rats and a macaque for the first time. Also a croc and a couple of snakes, first time since the first tower. That got me thinking, can snakes actually be found while free roaming or they only appear within missions ?

User Info: atomsteele

4 years ago#5
I have only found a snake or two in temple ruins or caves. They are extremely rare it seems.
If you skin a macaque you get....leather? There are several types of killable birds that don't get a listing. The morey eels are yellowish.

User Info: pennywise666

4 years ago#6
The lab has it's share of snakes...
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User Info: VelvenCross

4 years ago#7
I've only seen snakes in missions, and I spent more time roaming around the island more than doing anything else.

I found my first (maybe only) lizard after coming out of the mushroom cave. They are really small and I would not have ever noticed it if my cross-hairs hadn't randomly turned red, which made me go into 'inspect mode' since I didn't see anything there.

Crows and other birds can sometimes be found sitting on the ground. You have to be observant to catch them before they fly sometimes though. Seagulls are much easier to hunt, look for white floating spots on the ocean when you're driving around in a boat (unless you don't want any gulls).

For Sea Turtles, I only found two swimming off as I was looking for sharks before I went to pick up an underwater artifact. The only reason I saw them though was using hunter's instinct while scanning the water for sharks. There are also turtles on the land that aren't very common to find.

Haven't found any eels, but I got bit by a manta ray climbing into my boat after diving for an artifact. Well I think it bit me, there wasn't anything else close enough to do it when I looked back in the water... but you can't skin manta's though, what's up with that?

Rats I find on paths going up hills all the time, well not all the time... but usually on the higher hills. When I was collecting letters there were a few of them running around in the bunker I was after.

Hope this helps, but I stopped playing the game for a while, so names of locations and stuff to reference is not clicking.

User Info: shaboo_de

4 years ago#8
Crows: 577.5/670
River Fish: cave at 418.5/402.5
Manta Ray: 818.1/761.3
Sea Turtle: 830.1/784.8
Coral Reef Fishes: 837.5/802.0
Moray Eels: 623.4/499.5.

User Info: shaboo_de

4 years ago#9
There are two Macaques in the starting town Amanaki, and it's actually possible to leave the "weapon free" zone around the town, go on a hill (I was at 421.1/750.4) and snipe them, but they are very hard to spot, so you have to be patient.

Other than that, I've encountered Macaques only during missions. One can be found during the second mission you receive from Buck, just after blowing up a cave entrance.

User Info: shaboo_de

4 years ago#10
Crocodiles are really all over the place. Just look for rivers and spots with lily pads, where they are often hiding. They even re-spawn after re-starting the game.
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