Idea for Far Cry 4 (minor spoilers)

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User Info: Billy-De-Kid

4 years ago#1
Vaas's fall to insanity.

Vaas WAS a Rakyat, so it would make more sense for a Born-and-Raised warrior to cut down thousands of enemies rather than Jason.

I know it hasn't been but a few months since Far Cry 3's release, but the idea just came to me.
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User Info: usmovers_02

4 years ago#2
Far Cry stories don't ever connect. Maybe a for spin off that would work but I expect FC4 to have a completely different story with all new characters.

User Info: OdinFear

4 years ago#3
the DLC would take place on the same island and all cutting down the cost to make it. and they would just need to reskin a couple enemies, add some new weapons/syringes/skills and items to craft and obviously at least a few cut-scenes. the only problem i really have with a Vaas DLC is that when you see how a person falls into madness, its always underwhelming. Anakin/Vader is a good example of an established bad guys backstory being botched.

and they need to add a cheat mode thats unlocked after finishing the game (infinite ammo, god mode, enemy outpost can be reset). just stuff for fun.
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  3. Idea for Far Cry 4 (minor spoilers)

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