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User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#11
HatchetHound posted...
From: TagThisTsTs | Posted: 2/28/2013 8:18:55 PM | #009
bananasandwich1 posted...
Story was one of the worst I have ever experienced in a game. There were times where I didn't even want to keep playing the main storyline because of how bad it was. On the flip side though, the rest of the game was amazing so it made up for it.

You have never played RDR then, now thats a terribly overrated story.

I assume you mean the original Red Dead Revolver and not Redemption, because you'd be just plain wrong otherwise.

I mean, seriously implying Far Cry 3 has a better story than Red Dead Redemption? How silly.

i rather liked FC3's story. i think people were expecting it to be more than it was trying for.
jasons character development was done pretty well, he starts out freaking out over violence and killing, but slowly he gets more into it, he gets good at it. then he starts enjoying it. then he starts realizing maybe he shouldnt enjoy it so much.

also, how does citra getting stabbed by dennis destroy the tribe? they'll be fine...she's obviously kinda crazy anyways.
complaining about the friends "whining" is ridiculous...they're normal people who were sold into slavery, its realistic reactions. hell i bet you'd whine and freak out over that too....

oh and RDR, yeah that story has a fantastic first third, and a fantastic final act. but the middle stuff in mexico was drawn out, pointless, tedious and horribly paced. the entire mexico bit of that game was AWFUL. the only likable person from mexico is landon rickets and he's barely around for most of the time. the land design of the mexcio area as well was bad. its a long thin sliver, so getting from one place to the other was repetitive and took forever. dont get me wrong, i absolutely LOVE RDR. but its not beyond criticism

back to FC3.
Vaas was amazing, what a great villian he was. the QTE boss fights were lame, but its a shooter, i can't really fault them too much for it. Hoyt, however was pretty meh. i mean he wasn't badly written or anything. he was a pretty good character actually. just after such a strong performance as vaas he comes off pretty weak. i didnt really like Citra all that much honestly.

i LIKED how liza freaked out about how you were becoming this walking death machine machete butcher guy.

i think the only real problems with the game is that they front loaded the game with so much awesome stuff dealing with Vaas that the last 1/3rd i wanna say? on the second island with hoyt felt a bit bland in comparison but still really good.
Gamertag: Clonedzero

User Info: Jiminip

4 years ago#12
Not really bothered that the story is weak, the gameplay is top notch.
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User Info: HatchetHound

4 years ago#13
From: zerobobo | Posted: 2/28/2013 10:18:49 PM | #011
i rather liked FC3's story.

I did too. It's just not anywhere near RDR's quality, in my opinion.

but its not beyond criticism

Of course. Mexico wasn't exactly my most favourite part either. I didn't think it was awful, but it did take up more of the game than it should have.
"Mistakes are just a part of learning. You don’t become an Expert At Bandit Extermination without accidentally offing a few farmers, for instance."

User Info: swordsx48

4 years ago#14
I thought the story was actually really well thought out. Except for the ending. Hey I'm gonna spend a long time to save my friends and then maybe kill them? I'm not sure who picked join Citra without knowing there was sex. after which she kills you....? Anyway the ending was also weird because he says he's done no more blood then you're back at outposts doing heavy takedowns. Except for the ending the overall story was great. But hoyt was rather bland. "all the evil in the island comes from hoyt" pshh yeah right. I also wonder what the pirates and privateers are doing without a leader
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