Looking for multiplayer friends...

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User Info: Rich00

3 years ago#1
I want some friends who are gonna use there microphone. I'm a newb for the moment. I have only played two matches it is fun though.

batmanismad79 gamertag

User Info: Madgamer4ever

3 years ago#2
Mcbaddonkey is my gt I can't find a game at all
2000 karma yo

User Info: justinakajuice

3 years ago#3

Hit me up if you see me online. I dont care if you or anyone else reading this is horrible at the game. We all start somewhere. Im at lvl 61 right now and NOBODY is online anymore. Id like to play survival mode.

I play after work on weekdays and throughout the weekends.

User Info: MikeFitzy22

3 years ago#4
Add me! Total newb! Lol gamertag is in the sig
Gamertag: Fitz2125
Playing: Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Battlefield 4, Forza 5

User Info: DvoloS88

3 years ago#5
OutlaweD88 I'm only interested in survival though, only mode worth a damn.
Microsoft fans and Sony fans, can't we all just get along?...

User Info: plaguebearer_3

3 years ago#6
Add me and send a msg saying you did I'll add back, gt in sig. Btw new achievements and a new challenge went active today but can't complete because the dlc hasn't released for w/e reason. 04/22/14
XBL: Plaguebearer3 - Wife GT: DG ShellyPwns
PSN Plaguebearer_3 - Dragon's Dogma Pawn: Ullrich

User Info: OliverValdez

3 years ago#7
Add me!!
GT olivermanuel

User Info: bigbadfarcry

3 years ago#8
My gamertag is Hostel Tragedy

I'm looking to record some gameplay for online and whatnot.

Add and message me and we'll get something going.

User Info: Kocano26

3 years ago#9
GT: Kocano

only level 18 but do have the season pass add me !!!
Kocano Wins!

User Info: Rocktronic_J

3 years ago#10
Just picked up the game. Feel free to add me, the more the merrier ...especially if there are not many people online to begin with.

Gamertag: Rocktronic
Victims aren't we All ... GT: Rocktronic / PSN: Rocktronic / WiiU: Rocktron
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