Will the Halo CE remake still have same easter eggs and glitches ?

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  3. Will the Halo CE remake still have same easter eggs and glitches ?

User Info: spartan_209

6 years ago#1

Hey does anybody now if the new Halo CE will still be like same one from 10 years ago ? I read some were that the remake was going to be major improve from the one that came out in 2001 so it got mewondering are they getting rid of all the fun gliches and easter eggs of 2001 version that made Halo fun back in 2001 . Or is this remake just going to improve the game with new graphics and a few new things .

User Info: darksolgamer

6 years ago#2
The game uses the same code as the original, so the old glitches should still work. I think most of the old easter eggs were taken out (out of respect for Bungie I think), but apparently there will be some new ones to find, as well as hidden skulls and terminals
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User Info: Famine_10f4

6 years ago#3

343 only changed the graphics and added some terminals and skulls.

The original game engine for the most part was untouched so glitches and tricks should all still work, however I do have a faint memory of them saying they might have made some very minor changes.

As for Easter Eggs 343 said they removed some of them out of respect for Bungie but added a few of their own.

User Info: killered3

6 years ago#4
I don't remember any glitches.

User Info: metroidman92

6 years ago#5
killered3 posted...
I don't remember any glitches.

That's when you know Bungie is an awesome dev.

Let's hope the backpack reload makes it in.
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User Info: swordninja3

6 years ago#7
what about the foating assault rifles the lost marine in 343 guilty spark

User Info: Freakindaun

6 years ago#8
Those were neither a glitch nor an easter egg. It was simply a workaround for having marines firing out of the structure. It would take more processing power to build marines for a purpose when they are not seen, so Bungie only rendered the assault rifles. The glitch was being able to get to the assault rifles without triggering their despawn, not the actual assault rifles.
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User Info: xerxes5678

6 years ago#9

killered3 posted...
I don't remember any glitches.

Not really a glitch, but watching a marine with a sniper rifle score a triple teamkill in one shot in AotCR, or getting splattered by a marine in a Ghost might be something 343 should take a look at.

User Info: Lawfish66

6 years ago#10
I find it to be a glitch to have a few of the Marines be able to die, namely Chips Dubose and Sgt. Johnson (yes, I know it isn't really a glitch, but I feel like it should be considered and fixed.)
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  3. Will the Halo CE remake still have same easter eggs and glitches ?

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