Anyone having bad lag in Online Co-op?

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  3. Anyone having bad lag in Online Co-op?

User Info: Frosti1icus

6 years ago#1
My buddy and I played and who ever was not host was lagging. I saw 2 other posts about this on the HALO Waypoint forum, but not much else. Just wondering if it is one of our connections.
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User Info: xboxgmr

6 years ago#2
My friend and I are also experiencing lag in online co-op. came here to check it out and surprised to only see one topic about it.
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User Info: mauiman240

6 years ago#3
Buddy and I were on the 3rd mission attempting the Close Quarters Combat acheevo. We were just about to finish when we both lagged out and got booted to the lobby.

User Info: TGAkuma

6 years ago#4
Just typical halo input lag. Every halo has had it. Its annoying, I know. Only the host has smooth gameplay.

User Info: _Ness_

6 years ago#5
Neither me or my bud had it smooth when we played co-op last night. Both of us are quite mad at some of the bugs. For example, spawning without weapons on the pillar of autumn
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User Info: neo_strike3

6 years ago#6
NessRevenge13 posted...
. For example, spawning without weapons on the pillar of autumn

thats not a bug suppose to be like that smh

User Info: King-Bart

6 years ago#7

My friend and I were playing, and the lag was awefull. It especially made driving the warthog difficult. I just wasn't sure if this was just lag from co-op only or just a low frame rate from bad performance all together. I haven't played by myself yet to find out.

User Info: ShadowPM

6 years ago#8
My friend and I both experience really bad lag when we play 2 player co-op. Whoever is the 2nd person(not the host) is the only person who experiences it. We both have FiberOp 30Mbps internet service so it can't be a service issue.

We have played every Halo game co-op with each other and the lag has never been close to this bad...ever. There's definitely something wrong with the game for sure. I mean, I was experiencing almost a full second of delay between when I did something on the controller and saw it happen on the screen. No Halo game was ever that bad, we're not talking (ms) here, this is something seriously wrong. I don't even want to play it anymore until it's fixed because it's unplayable IMO.

User Info: iceman505

6 years ago#9
Yes, just got done playing a level online, it was horrible. I can't believe they allowed this to release with the online co-op being basically broken.
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User Info: HighLordMargath

6 years ago#10
Was having the same issues last night. It would keep saying "Connection Lost" or something similar every once in a while although the connection wasn't lost, there was just really bad lag.
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  3. Anyone having bad lag in Online Co-op?

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