day 1 is coming close to an end.. how did you spend your first day?

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  3. day 1 is coming close to an end.. how did you spend your first day?

User Info: Rod1984

5 years ago#1
I spent a better part of the day building a beautiful wooden house with a cobblestone roof, original one floor, but converted into a 2nd floor complete with a balcony, and fenced in the property with a nice cobblestone archway connecting the fence with two wooden doors, then I built a nice big basement that I like to call my man cave lol, I didnt stop there, I dug in a hole and made a new tunnel and kept digging until it connected with my series of tunnels and placed signs all over the tunnels giving directions to my underground entrance to my basement since I got lost eventually, then I went back to the underground entrance, placed 3 ladders, climbed to the top, made a trap door, then built a cobblestone room over the trap door and sealed it with a wooden door, I never thought I would ever like this game, I saw this 2 years ago and made fun of my friends, now I am addicted lol, what did you guys do today?
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User Info: Metroidude477

5 years ago#2
I made a nice house but died soon after without saving by accidently falling in to a surface pit of lava while in the backwards 3rd person view with the inverted controls. The more I moved, the more I burned.


But it was great fun.
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User Info: w00dm4n

5 years ago#3
i found a saddle...tried to get a pig to fall for the achievement...then i made a tower for myself in a hurry to hide from all the creepers....

User Info: Guide

5 years ago#4
Made a random world, built a little shack on very edge of a cliff hanging over a watery cove. Built no wall on the cliff edge, put some torches on the sides. I have a beautiful sunset view, and all the creatures trying to get me at night just fall right past, into the sea.
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User Info: MKScorpion214

5 years ago#5
I made my house underground and dug deep enough to find lava and obsidian. I also tamed 8 wolves and made a nice little playpen for them to hang out in.

Also, f*** creepers!
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User Info: Seroth

5 years ago#6
I didn't find a single diamond. :(
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User Info: TheTwigsta

5 years ago#7
found a random cave with my friend, built beds, stayed around the cave, when night came we forgot we had beds so we were sitting in the cave till dawn.. lol still a fun experience though.
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User Info: XanRanna

5 years ago#8
I spent the last 7hrs playing with some friends..we built a castle and I dug two separate mines...only to have them pop in to HUGE caverns...and from those caverns I went spelunking and down there in the lava areas you will find gold, diamonds, coal, iron, that red stone (forget what its called) etc etc...

Also, always nice to start off on peaceful mode...plant some extra trees and ride a piggy!!
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  3. day 1 is coming close to an end.. how did you spend your first day?

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