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User Info: Splinterscat

5 years ago#1
Okay, so I'm not new at Minecraft, but it has been awhile since I played the game. I'd like to share with you some stories and tips of our (my friends and I) first day playing XBox Minecraft.

* Watch your step: My friends finally got on yesterday morning; but, as I was getting ready to save my single player world to join them for some multiplayer fun, that's when I "found" surface lava. Yeah. I was just jogging along and checking the area out, with my map held out... when I stepped off of a ledge, right into lava. I think I hurt their ears by yelling over and over again into the mic, "Noooooo.... !"

* Never mine the block right below you: A couple of friends and I were exploring in a cave (found our first dungeon in this cave!), when I found a very nice pocket of diamonds (our first diamonds). I was happily gathering the diamonds and listening to the chatter of my friends, when I accidentally hit the block below me... and proceeded to fall straight into a deep pool of lava. (We did manage to get three diamonds that had not been mined, but I lost at least four :( It was the biggest pocket of diamonds I had ever found in a Minecraft game.)

*Carry a bucket of water when exploring in caves: In this same cave, my friend was set on fire by lava. I ran and poured water on him, which put the fire out and saved him :)

* Lava and wood should not be placed next or too near each other: Another group of my friends were playing on a separate world (but were in the party), and asked me about putting lava in their wooden house. I gave them the warnings that wood and fire do not mix well in Minecraft, and I advised them to at least place stone around the lava... but I guess they were not careful enough, since their house caught on fire.
There's Me, Myself and I; if they don't say, I might.
I'm running down the highway, looking for the enemy... Dang, I got killed.

User Info: Splinterscat

5 years ago#2
I wanted to add some fun info: set a pig on fire, and it'll drop you cooked pork chops.

Note: If there is surface lava, be careful not to plant trees too close to it, because they could catch on fire.

Also, if anyone has a lava/fire story of their first day (or any tips), please share :)
There's Me, Myself and I; if they don't say, I might.
I'm running down the highway, looking for the enemy... Dang, I got killed.

User Info: Dragena01

5 years ago#3
I was mining some Gold next to a stream of lava. That's when I heard a hissing sound behind me, and the Creeper exploded. It didn't kill me, but it ricocheted me into the lava, burning me to death. D:
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User Info: fireball2020

5 years ago#4
Was branch mining for gold and diamonds earlier, and wasn't quite paying attention. Mined a bit, walked forward, and found myself in a pit of lava, unable to get out. Lost quite of bit of iron, coal, and redstone...

User Info: ollie229

5 years ago#5
I was playing earlier today on my lunch break with a friend. We were both down deep mining in separate tunnels when I heard him go "NOOOooooo..." I asked him what happened and he said that he came across some gold ore up near the ceiling. He mined a block right over his head and was immediately showered in lava coming from the ceiling. I managed to salvage most of the ore and plug up the worst of the lava. Then I spent 30 minutes creating a nice looking 'lavafall' chamber.

The coolest thing is that after mining a little farther on, my friend hit an underground river. I didn't have time to mess around with it then, but when I get home I'm going to divert the water to the same chamber and see what kind of chaos I can cause.

User Info: RedEyeHairy

5 years ago#6
I found my first stash of diamonds and gold, I quickly dig up the diamonds but as I dig up the gold I fell into a lava pit and lost everything.....I was so pissed
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