How many layers of bedrock is there?

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  3. How many layers of bedrock is there?

User Info: cabcalloway1983

5 years ago#1
Is there multiple layers?

Can you blast through them by making something?

If so is it the best place to mine for diamonds?

Any help would be awesome?

User Info: heydylan

5 years ago#2
you can never break bedrock, ever. I wanna say theres like 3-4 layers of it but it's not solid bedrock, the bedrock is kinda sprinkled in with normal stone. if you do get unlucky you can sometimes find a hole through and get past the bedrock, in which case you'll fall into the void and die. so there's not even a reason to want to get past it.
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User Info: kingdede77

5 years ago#3
There is around 3 blocks deep of bedrock in general from what I have seen on PC, sometimes more sometimes less.

The only way to break bedrock is through creative mode on PC or from modding (still PC unless you mod consoles, which is kind of frowned upon)

The best place to find diamonds from what I have seen is around 7-18 blocks above bedrock, or you can do what I do, and just go exploring deep in a cave (if you find lava that usually is a good sign) and have some fun and you might get lucky!

EDIT: Well I somewhat got ninja'd in a way, but whatever....
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User Info: pstwoorbust

5 years ago#4
bedrock is the bottom 5 layers of the map. The uppermost is layer 5. Bedrock is indestructable, don't believe what anyone says, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to break it (until creative mode is added).

Once you get to the point bedrock is 'flat' dig up 7 layers, and start mining there. That is layer 12, which means 95% of the time any lava you encounter will be even with the ground you are walking on, and not falling on your head. Also,
has some popular mining techniques.

Diamonds spawn in layers 1-16 only (and only a few hit layers 15 and 16)
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  3. How many layers of bedrock is there?

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