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User Info: insanefreddy

5 years ago#21
Eden mostly forest and large mtns, sand pit in the center also tundra in the north with HUGE cave systems.
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User Info: majinstrach

5 years ago#22
majin strach

That one was crazy mountains and cliffs.

suck my d*ck s.mouse

That's my GF's idea and I am enjoying the cave rivers and making railway tracks..
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User Info: ShotgunSurgery

5 years ago#23

is very cool... also enjoyed


has nice clifs and waterways
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User Info: NotJim

5 years ago#24
bottom dollar mine

quite varied as far as biomes go.
So far I found large mines, a huge pumpkin patch and at least 8 large caves, that I haven't fully explored yet.
Also I have found no lava yet.
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User Info: Omega_Pyro

5 years ago#25

Haven't explored it fully, but it has a mountain shaped like a Duck. Just thought that was funny.
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User Info: Gheti

5 years ago#26
oglethorpe ......looks like the world was hit with an earthquake... the ground is open in alot of places, exposing cave systems, and even a mob spawner and chest.. no huge mountains, just some hills.. no snow or pine trees.. there are wolves and pumpkins too.. it's like a large continent, with a couple large islands on the outskirts of map

while we're on the subject, are there any good seeds for some nice flat land? i end up paving the world for my builds, and a map with lil to no mountains would be a godsend.. im currently tinkering around with random seeds trying to find a good flat one.. i'll be sure to post any good ones here =)

User Info: Sonials

5 years ago#27

Excellent island based seed. Lots of desert biome, sand mountains and such.

User Info: CrazyMammoth

5 years ago#28
can we also get a verification on clay being on any of these seeds?
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User Info: SamieFish

5 years ago#29

User Info: Gheti

5 years ago#30
i've been playing around with these seeds and it seems like there isnt any consistency.. i tried 60 6's (all 6's, as many as i could fit) and explored, then tried the same seed again and got a different world.. anyone found some seeds that do repeat consistently?

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