This game has a TERRIBLE drawing distance.

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  3. This game has a TERRIBLE drawing distance.

User Info: MrL

5 years ago#1
It sucks. I built a huge tower up towards the clouds, I stand on the roof and look to see...

a portion of the map.

Why the **** doesn't it show the entire map? Hardware constraints my ass. If Skyrim can show a huge map (I know it doesn't show all of it but it shows a lot considering how good the graphics are) then surely this game could show the entire map? After all.. it's blocks... N64 graphics...

User Info: Atomik_Fuzion

5 years ago#2
Be warned. The Defense Force are coming.
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User Info: nickizgr8

5 years ago#3
Just because skyrim shows you a mountain in the distance doesn't mean its actually rendered probably. The current draw distance is i think either on short or normal so the game stays at a constant fps. Why do you think the game world is like 1 millionth of the size of pc.

User Info: metalclash

5 years ago#4
I have never had that problem. When i stand somewhere high, i can see everything bro
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User Info: MrL

5 years ago#5
On Skyrim I can ride my horse from one end of the map to the other in a rich, detailed world.

But on Minecraft the map is tiny considering it's made of a blocks. Yep, badly pixelated blocks. The map is not a vastly graphically detailed one like Skyrim... so I fail to see why it couldn't be infinite. But I'll deal with that.. the draw distance is just pathetic though, no excuses for it.

User Info: MrL

5 years ago#6
Metalclash, you are a liar. Post a picture then. :)

User Info: ilikemilkmmm

5 years ago#7
skyrim land doesn't go 64 layers deep, infact its paper thin

User Info: iwantu23

5 years ago#8
I've never had a problem viewing the map from atop a tower either...

As for Skyrim, I'm not sure what you consider " a lot of the map." There's no towering structure that lets you see a 1,000 x 1,000 grid at any point in the game. If you're referring to the mini-map there are no graphics on it.

User Info: Avous_Yelmurc

5 years ago#9
MrL This is due to the xbox ram/processor :).

Minecraft relies on these two things to run considering it has each block in every chuck to render and check for updates whenever you interact with a block, while Skyrims Terrain is pixel thin and has nothing below it so it is for the most part, GPU oriented

The Xbox is just too limited for that.

If you believe Skyrim to be graphical or HD you haven't seen anything. Skyrim was mediocre when it came out.

See Just Cause 2, Crysis 1/2, or Cryostasis for good graphics :) but Minecraft isn't GPU heavy it's RAM and CPU heavy.

however, if you want Minecraft to be GPU heavy as well and you're complaining about the graphics, see this.

Now, good day since you can now know why the Xbox has to use a shortened render distance so it is able to run minecraft and on the PC version you can actually have the entire xbox world map rendered at once.

Oh, and important note :) in Skyrim, the futher you get away from terrain and items the more polygons its loses until it's merely a skybox in the background :) no matter what your settings are it is just a pretty pre-rendered skybox until you get close.

User Info: ZeroXraven

5 years ago#10
ilikemilkmmm posted...
skyrim land doesn't go 64 layers deep, infact its paper thin


Plus you cannot manipulate the environment in Skrim other than random physics items in houses and caves. It's just a pretty skin on a sandbox world that is huge but bare bones at the same time when comparecd to Minecraft even on Xbox 360.
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  3. This game has a TERRIBLE drawing distance.

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