My wooden mansion- let me know what you think

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User Info: Nordini

5 years ago#1

The video was taken with just an iphone. I know that's annoying but i don't have a capture card, i tried to keep it so that there is no background noise except the controller.

Let me know if there's anything i should add to it or give me some ideas.

This was my first minecraft project, and the minecart rail leads out of that room all the way across the map. Also, i know i look stupid for failing to access my own secret room so many times.
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User Info: K_MAC445

5 years ago#2
Put some wood logs around the edges to give it some detail. Right now it looks a bit like a plain wooden box. Maybe add some pillars and such out of logs as well to give it depth. Good job for a first project.

User Info: Mander1861

5 years ago#3
I think I want to be on your friends list and have some flint.
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User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

5 years ago#4
I'm just going to list things as I watch the video.

1. Hide the redstone underground
2. Add some variation to the outside structure. All wood doesn't look as bad as all cobble imo, but still, variation is nice. :)
3. Maybe make your staircases a little wider.
4. As you find it, maybe make a colored wool rug or carpet for the first floor.
5. Maybe put the torches on top of the bookshelves, rather than on their sides.

Other than those little things, I think it looks pretty good.
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User Info: ShamblerQ

5 years ago#5
Really nice!! man!

User Info: MachineGunNun

5 years ago#6
I think its pretty awesome. Except "Gentlemen's Room" just sounds a little too wink wink for me.
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User Info: GodlyTwins

5 years ago#7
Better than my POS cobblestone shack/hut.
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User Info: Laylow12

5 years ago#8
Very nice.
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User Info: doomcrusader

5 years ago#9
Better than anything I will ever make. At least until creative.

Also, what difficulty was it on? And did you use the duplication glitch I've heard about?

User Info: _Just_Blaze_

5 years ago#10
pretty epic tbh
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