I learn valuable boating lessons

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User Info: RyanJMcD

5 years ago#1
So I create my first boat. I see a cool island in the distance so I head to the beach.

I put my boat in the water, turn around to gather a few things I had dropped to move some inventory around, and when I turn back, my boat is now halfway across the water.

So I have to go make a new boat. As soon as I put this one in the water, the bastard gets ready to take off. But I'm ready for him this time. I hop in and sail off to new adventures.

Thats when I discover some horrifying Cthulhu type monsters in the ocean. I say "**** a bunch of this and head for the nearest island. I hop on to dry land but the damn boat is heading out to see again. No problem, I'll just mine it back into my inventory. Except that boats don't work that way. I smash my boat and I am now stranded on some island far away from all that I know and love.

I also tried an experiment where I placed a boat onto lava. It did not turn out well.

How does one dock a boat for future use?
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User Info: 330566

5 years ago#2
The sea creatures will not attack you. They are harmless Squids you can beat up for ink.

If you hold down "A" you will swim and you can go back to your mainland.
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User Info: General7nirvana

5 years ago#3
you guys playing tonight?

User Info: CaesarKuniva

5 years ago#4
I would like to know some tips for docking boats as well... it's rather annoying that they run off on me and making a solid docking area can be rather annoying when a hasty escape is needed.

User Info: d_rug

5 years ago#5
Try digging a large pool that is connected to the sea via a 2 block wide channel. This way your boat will bounce off the walls of the pool. Sometimes your boat might self-destruct though.

I read on the wiki that soul sand from the nether is good for docks but I have yet to try it out.

User Info: ChristPunchers

5 years ago#6
I just come in to wherever I'm gonna dock paralell to the shore/dock, slow down and when u get out jump up and over immediately. It usually keeps the boat from floating off. I got it down pretty good, most of my time recently is spent island hopping.
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User Info: shadowmoses2121

5 years ago#7
Once I made a boat. It ran away. Another day I got REALLY lost, with tons of my items with me. It was hopeless, there was no way I would find my house. Then I found my boat. Then I rode it until I found my house.
The end.
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User Info: ManInBlack_77

5 years ago#8
Playing yesterday on a friend's world he got annoyed with this cow that kept running into him so he smacked it a couple times and it fell into the water. My friend decided he was gonna finish the job and jumped in a boat to go after the cow now in the ocean and ram it with the boat. When the boat hit the cow, somehow my friend died instantly and all his gear was lost on the bottom of the ocean.

So, don't ram land animals.in the water I guess.
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  3. I learn valuable boating lessons

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