Servers down?

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User Info: RyuMuramasa

5 years ago#1
I can't make an online game. Are servers down for maintenance?
"Scars remind us where we've been. They shouldn't dictate where we go."

User Info: Dizzae

5 years ago#2
Same here, I was freaking out thinking my world was gone and I'd lost all my diamond blocks. I can still load my world in offline mode though.

User Info: cabbagesniper

5 years ago#3
i asked in this my topic but does everything save if you play offline mode
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User Info: Spike_Bad

5 years ago#4
servers are not down
I'm playing online as i type this
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User Info: RyuMuramasa

5 years ago#5
Well I can't get online. I know I can play offline (which does save everything when you go online for the person who asked), but my gf and I can't play together if I can't get online.
"Scars remind us where we've been. They shouldn't dictate where we go."

User Info: Zanaki

5 years ago#6
You could... well.. no... umm.. hrm..

Well, you could go to one of each others house, get on minecraft and build something romantic, then you could play together.

EDIT: Show her that secret basement you've been dieing to use. ;)
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User Info: thegeekguy

5 years ago#7
i lost connection to the server mid-game.......didn't let me save, i had just fallen in a hole and found 6 diamond and decided to take a picture and it just gave me the message and sent me to the menu. at least i know the general area it was in, but it still sucks.

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