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User Info: recon_7

5 years ago#41
oops and sugar cane.
Gamertag: Recon 7

User Info: The_Shader

5 years ago#42
"Super Mega Cliffs" yeilds pumpkins right ontop of spawn. 5-6 pumpkins.
"Lower thine guard and thou'rt allowing the enemy in" - Frog
"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" - Happy Mask Salesman

User Info: PlatinumGamer1

5 years ago#43
Seed name:61046

Biomes: Forest, Desert, Taiga, Extreme Hills

Pumpkins: unsure

Sugarcane: yes

Description: I am too lazy to write an entire paragraph. It's just a badass looking seed. The middle is Extreme Hills, one of the corners is Taiga, another is Desert, and the rest is Forest. So here is a picture of where me and my friend built our houses.
GT:The Gestapo51

User Info: Toxic_Mammal

5 years ago#44
Sticky requested.
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User Info: RavenNeverMore

5 years ago#45
Seed name: -9028489474908844496

Biomes: 80-85% land, mostly made up of verdant forests and floating mountains, has a small snow area and an even smaller desert region

Pumpkins: yes

Sugarcane: yes

Cactus: yes

Clay: Confirmed

Description: Just an awesome, epic map. Has tons of places to place large waterfalls, lavafalls. Although desert area is small, map still has tons of sand on it. One of the largest forest maps I have ever encountered. There is a skeleton spawner located in a cave just to the east of the middle of the map right on the surface. Have found over 7 mobspawner rooms thus far at various locations. The 2 things this map does not have: 1) Any flat terrain, and 2) very little ocean area. Aside from these 2 omissions, I find it a better all around map than gargamel, and love the fact that this map gives you tons of ideas by just walking around's that good.

User Info: Gadwin24

5 years ago#46
Seed Name: Ogre Battle

Biomes: Snow, Ice, Hills, Desert

Pumpkins: found a few so far

Sugarcane: seen patches here and there.

I've explored most of the map except the top third. The ice and snow is in the bottom left corner. I just got this a few hours ago so I don't know if obsidian is important. But there is an island in the middle of the bottom third with a bunch of it. No clay yet.

User Info: yoshifan1

5 years ago#47
Seed name: Onion Rings

Biomes: desert, forest, grassland, extreme hills

Pumpkins: yes

Sugarcane: yes

Clay: confirmed

Description: The land is almost entirely forest with sections of grassland. There is a sizeable desert in the south east and some extreme hills sections in the north and extreme south. The land is very hilly with few flat areas, and caverns are everywhere. Sugarcane can be found at pretty much every part of the map near the various lakes. Pumpkins can be found in the northeast. Clay has been found the the extreme southeast, south of the desert. Some of the caverns are decent drops and can be almost unnoticeable until you are almost on top of them. There are no surface lava pools, but the lava level has a large amount of underground waterfalls flowing directly into lava pools. There are caverns and lava caverns peppering the lava layer. - Come on down and have some fun! - Yet another spinoff

User Info: sneakypebble

5 years ago#48
desert/forests/extreme hills
no pumpkins
clay is confirmed at X:378 Y:67 Z:-262
The corners of the map have awesome huge mountains with straight droops into water, a couple floating chunks, and some cool land over water archways. The middle of the map is a a desert with a surface lava pit. I have seen only 2 wolves. It is kinda of like 5 islands that are attached by narrowish plots of land.
This is one of my favorite seeds ive found so far.

User Info: slayaman

5 years ago#49
Seed name: Paradise

Biomes: Forest, taiga, tundra, plains, forest,desert

Pumpkins: No

Sugarcane: Yes

Clay: Confirmed, but haven't seen much of it.

Description: The middle of the map is a really big plain area, and in that area they have a cross in the ground which I though was kinda neat lol. The whole left side is practically taiga/tundra, as well as the top right. Below the top right has a forest and the bottom of the map has a forest. The desert areas aren't that big and there really isn't a big ocean either.

Seed: AnUnbornJesus

Biomes: everything

Pumpkins: Yes

Sugarcane: Yes

Clay: Yes

Description: I decided to try out my GT as a seed and I found it had everything available in it, however I can't really anything too noticeable about the map besides a lot of caves.
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