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User Info: KaRnaGe101

5 years ago#41
Cordawg411 posted...
_Just_Blaze_ posted...
if they don't fix the dispenser glitch, I'll be angry >:(

You can't enjoy a game because other people choose to duplicate items?

I have a hard time keeping my world "pure" because my friends like to secretly dupe things. I would like it if it was removed personally.

As it is, my stack and a half of diamonds and 4 stacks of gold could just be seen as a product of an exploit. I like being able to brag about my diamonds without anybody doubting if i got them legit. I put alot of work into amassing those materials.
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User Info: LouIsCool222

5 years ago#42
Posted 6/7/2012 2:39:02 PM
message detail

Is this the update that will include pistons?

Did you SEE any mention of pistons!?!?

Seriously, why would you even post that without reading.
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5 years ago#43
cwitman2468 posted...
UraRenge2005 posted...
Thinking this is 1.6 and going to 1.7 or higher is incorrect.

How would this be incorrect? 1.7 comes after 1.6. they themselves have said this version is 1.6, and next IS 1.7...

They said the next update will be the equivalent of 1.7.7, (i believe that's the right version) not that it will be 1.7.7.
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User Info: XBL_Mikey0629

5 years ago#44
ssj3blade posted...
They could have at least left the dupe glitch in until we get Creative Mode.

Although I guess with the clay fix it isn't as important.

Still wish it was left in though.

Oh well.

When you need to dupe, just delete the patch... plug in controller 2 and hit the box >.>
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User Info: reddevil012001

5 years ago#45
Just like in every other game, when you save at a later patch, you can't delete and reload since it will have different things in it, so if you want to dupe you'd have to delete and start a new world and dupe that way.

User Info: UraRenge2005

5 years ago#46
cwitman2468 posted...
UraRenge2005 posted...
Thinking this is 1.6 and going to 1.7 or higher is incorrect.

How would this be incorrect? 1.7 comes after 1.6. they themselves have said this version is 1.6, and next IS 1.7...

Again, you didn't understand what I posted. THIS IS NOT THE PC VERSION.

I'll go into detail. This game is closest to what the PC version called "1.6" That does not mean it is 1.6. IT MEANS IT WAS CLOSEST TO 1.6.

Mojang had to pick a starting point for the XBOX 360 VERSION. Notice its called "XBOX 360 VERSION" ?
If you don't believe me, start your game and look at the title screen. Its called "XBOX360 VERSION" right there on the title screen.

How is it different from 1.6? EASY: 1000x1000x64. That's how.

Now that you understand that this is NOT 1.6 (I hope you understand by now) You can understand how we cannot go to 1.7 or 1.6.6 or backwards to 1.4 or whatever random PC version you have in your mind as this is NOT the PC version. If Mojang wants to call it XBOX360 VERSION 1.7, that STILL DOESN'T MAKE IT 1.7 or 1.7.7 Like the PC version.

So now that you clearly understand that this is not the PC version 1.6 you can now comprehend how The XBOX360 does not even have to be remotely close to the PC 1.7 and Mojang can still call it 1.7 if they want. (They won't) They'll just call it Minecraft XBOX VERSION UPDATE 1.
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User Info: Gastroid

5 years ago#47
Someone's raging.
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User Info: phillipoll

5 years ago#48
Someone's taking things too literally and seriously. We should all know that when someone mentions "1.7" they're talking about the content, not specifically the version number.

You also make it sound more confusing and vague than it really is.

Just say that although they're nearly the same content-wise, the XBox is on it's first version. So it shouldn't take on the same numbering scheme than the PC version had.
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User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

5 years ago#49
Just to end this argument, 4J Studios, not Mojang, have never said that this is the same version as the PC. They have always said things like, "content equivalent" or "about the same as."

This being said, they started on a relatively equal basis as Beta 1.6.6. They have said that the next update will include the features and additions to bring us up to Beta 1.7.3.

It doesn't matter if there are differences due to the Xbox's limitations, as for all intents and purposes, it is "roughly equivalent" to the content included at these versions. There is no point in arguing that this is not the PC version, as it is so obvious a fact that it is foolish to waste time on the subject.

With that said, 4J Studios IS calling it 1.7.3, just like they called this version 1.6.6. So they aren't calling it Update 1. They've also said the next update after that will be to Beta 1.8.2, but they might go even further (in fact I hope they do, I hope they skip to full release version 1.0).
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User Info: _Just_Blaze_

5 years ago#50
Xbox version > pc version

yeah, I said it...

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