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User Info: DrMandingo

5 years ago#1
anyone know any good seeds for 360? i noticed the pc ones don't give you the same stuff

User Info: TheDrMuff

5 years ago#2
PvP is a pretty cool seed. Lots of mountains, including a couple decent sized floating ones. It's got pumpkins too and a big, open plains areas too.

User Info: gothicunderlord

5 years ago#3
Gargamel is my fave so far.....
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User Info: DeadLock25

5 years ago#4
Seed: 888

IT has everything. Clay on spawn, at least 3 monster dungeons, with a music CD.Saddles, cocoa beans, Sugar cane, pumpkins, snow, wolves, cactus, mountains, all 3 types of trees. Everything. Im using it now and I have no regrets.
GT: Deadlock25

User Info: Master Splinter

Master Splinter
5 years ago#5
I have been playing XBOX360 a lot. It is very good. There are big mountains, deserts, snow, lots of ores and coal. I have made my home in the first mountain you see when spawning. If you keep digging down under it, you'll find everything.
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5 years ago#6

Seed catalogue.
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User Info: 3CDED

5 years ago#7

Seed catalogue.

ima go bump that topic
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