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Best way to find diamond? [Seed 888]

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  3. Best way to find diamond? [Seed 888]

User Info: M_dragon159

5 years ago#1
Well then, I just started a new world and found iron, gold, wool, saddle, moss stone, clay, etc. Now I need to find some diamond. Any tips in finding it? I know I should stop being impatient but I need diamond for getting obsidian and I have another world project to get to.

By the way, the seed I'm using is 888 [one suggested that would have a saddle in it]. Anyone explore this seed yet?

Btw, I had a bunch of TNT and went crazy mine digging away from where I was. I went all the way to the bedrock layer, found one block of gold on my way [didn't mine it, was quick mining to pinpoint diamond so i can reload save and properly dig], and ran out of my stash of TNT without finding any diamond....
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User Info: vgsrule

5 years ago#2
Diamond only appears up to layer 15. The top layer of bedrock is layer 5. Diamond is more common from 10-15. So use bedrock to find layer 10, and make sure your feet are on that layer. As long as you are on that layer, you can dig any way you like horizontally and you have a decent chance of finding diamond. The best way to do so (according to my friend) is to dig a 1 wide, 2 tall hole into the wall, then move 3 space over, do the same, and on an on. Once you have these made, continue to dig through them, making a hallway, basically. Doing this will expose the majority of the blocks around you without having to mine them.

Someone can probably explain this better, but that's the idea.

User Info: DeadLock25

5 years ago#3
Im using the 888 seed as we speak.

(Remember me with the huge excavated circle in the ocean?)

Well there are a few mines I have found that contain plenty of diamonds all around.

As for your TNT, my excavation of my huge circle provided a wide variety of diamonds, all of which were between level 6-15

Therefore I can conclude that it should be anywhere around that area. If you want exact locations on the mines, send me a message over XBL and ill be happy to help you tomorrow.
GT: Deadlock25

User Info: cclloyd9786

5 years ago#4
In the NW quarter, there is a mountain that goes above the clouds and one one face has a huge cliff drop off. On the opposite side, there is a small indent in the side of the ajacent mountain that looks pitch black during the day. I made a mineshaft straight down there and found diamond relatively quickly at later 10. I found about 6 I think.
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  3. Best way to find diamond? [Seed 888]

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