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User Info: hikaru_zero

5 years ago#1
Like wat do i donow, ibuilt a house tree farm normal farm and mine, wat now
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User Info: nothingbeast

5 years ago#2
Now you play the game ANOTHER 5 minutes and see what else you can come up with.
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User Info: emperor_noob

5 years ago#3
Build a castle, cathedral, storage area for all of your chests, build skyscrapers, a floating island and so on.

Just a few ideas there, hope I helped :)
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User Info: hawkeye2188

5 years ago#4
To name a few:
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User Info: ToastIsToasty

5 years ago#5
Google/ youtube minecraft Pagoda, build it. Learn a new style of minecraft architecture. Become Abraham Lincoln: Chicken Hunter by living in log cabin and killing the monstrous chicken race with your axe. Pixel art. Conquer and colonize the wilds of your world. Become a redstone expert. Build a near height limit diving board over the ocean. Build a nether temple, leave it dark so mobs can spawn in it. Build a small cabin in the woods with a creepy underground complex hidden below it. Build a southern-style sugercane plantation, minus the whole bigotry thing. I'll have more later.
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User Info: hikaru_zero

5 years ago#6
A greenhouse is a pain in mah rump, but the castle and church is ok
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