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User Info: Slippyed

5 years ago#1
So I just started a new seed that's about 95% arctic. All the water is frozen, it's pretty flat and not much trees.
My question is, since it's all snow I figured I'd make my house out of snow blocks, will the snow I dig up come back? If not I'll go far away from my base so I don't have to look at dirt, grass and sand.

User Info: Marbiaach

5 years ago#2
Snow will eventually come back, but only when it is snowing. So it is impossible to ever run out of snow if you have a Tundra/Taiga biome in your world.
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User Info: TcidenebT

5 years ago#3
yes the snow does respawn, instead of it raining in the snow maps it snows and that will replenish the snow on the ground.

User Info: W0NG_FAI_HUNG

5 years ago#4
yes it does but over time not right away
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User Info: SEA_

5 years ago#5
what seed?
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User Info: Slippyed

5 years ago#6
SEA_ posted...
what seed?

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