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User Info: Jinn_Remona

5 years ago#1
I'm looking for some ideas on what I could build in around my house to make it look better, or make the surrounding area look nicer.

House at Night:
House during Daylight:

It's currently a four story apartment style house, build for myself and three friends to work out of. From the main floor is a hallway that leads to the Nether Gate, and behind that room(Which is hard to see) is the Cactus Automatic Farm. The Wheat and Sugarcane farms are easy to see from here, as well as my fountain. Behind the house and under the ground is my storage area with around 10-15 chests for different ideas. There is a mine track that runs about half the length of the world in one direction, but it's off in the distance. It can sorta be seen during the daylight picture in the top left.

Does anyone have any suggestion for things I could possible attempt to build, or ideas on how to improve this building as it currently stands?
~The Braindead Genius: Jinn Remona

User Info: 3CDED

5 years ago#2
a mushroom growth dark room?
Resident GFAQS Toyota fanboi/ Drift Master

User Info: Jinn_Remona

5 years ago#3
How does one go about building a mushroom dark room? I've seen them growing in caves, but I've never thought of what is needed to make them grow.
~The Braindead Genius: Jinn Remona

User Info: 3CDED

5 years ago#4
its a wooden box. 2 blocks high interior with no torches in it.

build a zig zag section at your entry end so that daylight doesn't get in then make sure you have 2 doors in an airlock type format as it will be dark enough to spawn monsters.

then plant say 3 shrooms in one corner and leave them to grow

when we get pistons you could make it so the roof lowers to prevent spawning when you're away from it.
Resident GFAQS Toyota fanboi/ Drift Master

User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

5 years ago#5
The biggest improvements I can suggest adding are "texture" or "depth."

So change up some of the blocks. Perhaps on the small room, make the top corners stone slabs and then top the middle of it with stone slabs.

The porch area on the main building adds nice depth and the building top helps to switch it up too, but I suggest throwing in some things for flare as well. One thing I find is just removing the top corner blocks (I would remove them from the rooftop entrance/exit), just to give it a different shape. And if you don't like a whole block gone, throw a stone slab there to give it some color variation.
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User Info: XMadjesterX

5 years ago#6
3CDED posted...
a mushroom growth dark room?

I built one by accident in one of my castles. Came back a little later after planting them and they had spread all over the floor...even started spreading down the stairs to the floor below.

I went ahead and did the same thing to one of my towers. One can never have too many mushrooms.

Well, one can, but that's another thing..

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