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5 years ago#1
I have spent a good portion of my evenings lately learning how to use Redstone. Now I've finally got it figured I don't have a clue what to build.
I wired an automatic boat dispenser, but that wasn't exactly challenging

If anyone has any ideas on what to build with my Redstone, it'd be greatly appreciated. Also if you want something build using Redstone in your world, but don't have a clue how to manipulate it, then just let me know and ill make it for you. First in my world, so I can show you and see if you like it, then ill move it to yours.

Thank you for your time.
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5 years ago#3
360 GT: ZOMBIECHICKENZ, PSN: Zombie__Chickenz
You mad, bro?

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5 years ago#4
Make a minecart hopper system for a railway that connects a redstone timer circuit to a button or something such that a trapdoor opens just briefly enough to drop a single minecart from a tube onto a track. Have the destination be on a slope stop such that you can press a cart return button and send the cart back a different path to the top of the hopper where it falls back into the stack.

Then put a to-and-from line for each destination so you can have a minecart hopper at each station with a cart return from each destination.

Then make a drawbridge out of pistons or trapdoors with redstone circuitry hidden properly so that it is spider-proof and such that it can be opened and closed from either side regardless as to the power setting.

Oh, and make some quarter-day clock circuits and hook them up to devices that will turn on only at day/night. Like a redstone torch/repeater light show, or lamps once they add those.
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