How do I find Slime!?

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User Info: moneyman82

5 years ago#1
I managed to find 10 slime balls a while back, but now I need two more to make my hidden bridge. Where are slimes found? Is there an easy way to find them?
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User Info: BladeX65

5 years ago#2
Look it up yourself.
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User Info: moneyman82

5 years ago#3
BladeX65 posted...
Look it up yourself.

Thank you for the insightful answer, I had never thought to do that! Man, I didn't know that such helpful people existed on this wondrous planet! I hold you in highest regards, Sir.

K nao 4 srs, anyone have an actual answer without d-baggery?
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User Info: Sullydawg187

5 years ago#4
Sometimes I wonder why people like that even make board accounts... and well I've found a couple, both times they snuck up on me in my mine but I really can't say for certain if there is a specific way of finding them. You might just have to get lucky
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User Info: chris20132

5 years ago#5
dig down to bedrock and just dig a huge open room.. make sure you light it up very well and make the ceiling at least 3 blocks high. not guaranteed but your chances will be better if you do this

User Info: OneMillionKids

5 years ago#6
Use this site to find the coordinates of the slimes spawn in your map by entering in the seed #.

Once you've determined the location of the slimes, dig down to level 10 and create a slime farm. Use youtube tutorialss to help make it.

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