How to make a trampoline

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User Info: ozy808

5 years ago#1
To me it seems like a cool idea and I would love to make one. So does anybody know how?
I think I saw something on YouTube where you use obsidian and TNT. If that works on the 360 then I'm for sure doing it.
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User Info: mizz_jessi1990

5 years ago#2
. . . Obsidian and TNT make a trampoline?!
Just. . . HOW?!
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User Info: emperor_noob

5 years ago#3
Just use blue and black wool, and you'll have to wait for a later update for those funny looking steel fence things. I have no idea what they're called as I don't have the PC version.

There, the trampoline is on the third image.

I'd love to know how this Obsidian and TNT method you mentioned works though.
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  3. How to make a trampoline

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