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User Info: Rophlecktuine

5 years ago#1

Was wondering what you guys have built that people admire, I'm trying to come up with a to do list and I think sharing ideas may help my creativity in the game.

So what are some great things you've built and what makes it interesting?

I built 4 monster grinders in the sky, then created a way to feed the mobs into a collaseum. You pull levers to let them free into an obsidian fighting arena. Swords, bows, and armor in a chest.

I created a mega mob grinder that extends down from the top level in the sky to bedrock, my favorite building. I can get stack of gun powder in less than a minute. It's a combination of a large sky grinder and an underwater elevator grinder. The mobs meet in the middle at a large lava blade and the item pickup is above ground this way. I use a mine cart to get to the mob grinder so I could keep the grinder out of sight. I use this primarily for legit TNT.

A friend helped me build a piston elevator and a large piston door with four sides that open in a pattern. He also taught me how to make lightswitches.

Made a water temple with a pyramid roof and water for walls.

I've also built plenty of the usual stuff, homes, castles, mines.

Would like to know more about player traps as I've never seen one before.
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User Info: Rophlecktuine

5 years ago#2
Also, what do you guys do for efficient transportation? I want to do mine tracks but I'm afraid I'll waste time building them poorly.
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User Info: emperor_noob

5 years ago#3
Wow, that sounds amazing, I'd actually like to see this. I'm a total noob at the game when it comes to building structures and redstone circuits. On one of my worlds I had started off with like a mini castle and then a good distance away I built another house which just had the basics of a house i.e a kitchen, bathroom, entertainment room etc. I had the two buildings connected with a minecart and rail. I then got bored and duped a ton of TNT and blew it all up.

I then started a second world where it is primarily covered in snow and so I built a log cabin which contains a storage crypt outside and a really bad looking blacksmith. I have no ideas as to what I want to build next. Also this time I'm keeping it 'clean' and doing no duping whatsoever.
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User Info: BoxTheMuppet

5 years ago#4
Do you have pics of the water temple? It sounds very interesting.

User Info: RandomPotatoes

5 years ago#5
I'm currently working on a secret tunnel within my house with puzzles and traps built using sticky pistons and regular pistons.

User Info: ssj3blade

5 years ago#6
I would like to know how you made the elevator trap as I haven't tried to build one since I was a Minecraft noob.
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User Info: Arok2092

5 years ago#7
This stuff makes my mansion with self repairing walls around it seem drab and wretched by comparison :(
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User Info: Xtypegamer

5 years ago#8
A huge mob spawner/grinder borg castle thingy-majig, kevbloq design with added anti-spider clog of my thinking.
A spider spawner with a death drop to bedrock.
Three floors of huge expanse for slime spawning.
Two x-ray vision kiosks with redstone switching activation.
A UFO with nether portal inside it.
A huge tree house.
A sandcastle.
A minecart elevator.
A six -piston front castle door with XOR Gate entry.
And a couple hidden doors with restone switching leading to secret chests of goodies.

User Info: TwentyClub

5 years ago#9

that's a link to my full court basketball court.
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User Info: Rophlecktuine

5 years ago#10
BoxTheMuppet posted...
Do you have pics of the water temple? It sounds very interesting.

Bring two buckets for infinite water source.

Pick a spot in the ocean to build.

Build a large platform just above water/touching it.

Then go to the center and stack underneath yourself as high as you want the walls to be.

Build a platform in the sky to match the one at sea level, this is the floor to your pyramid and also the second floor to your home.

Build a pyramid on top of your sky platform.

Once completed build an infinite water source so that you can stand on top of your pyramid and reach it, you will destroy it later.

Use you buckets to put a water source on everything corner of the pyramid.

When you are done you will have a layer of water for your roof and walls.

Go inside your build to the second floor, create A water elevator.

Add any cool touches, your done!
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  3. Please share your cool ideas/what you've built

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