Calling all Goonies

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User Info: BoxTheMuppet

5 years ago#1
I posted this in my TNT thread but who is going to read that?

I'm like 80% done with the whole thing. I recreated scenes from the movie that I could remember. Not happy with the water slide. Looking for input.

The main thing I haven't done is flood the ship area. I'm debating on glowstone under the water because its pretty dark if I pick all of the torches up.

I'm on for a little while. If you are a fan of the movie and would like to give me some thoughts post your GT.

User Info: BoxTheMuppet

5 years ago#2
Must have a mic.

User Info: 3CDED

5 years ago#3
Heeeeyyyyyyyy i read that thread
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User Info: BoxTheMuppet

5 years ago#4
Reading is fundamental.

User Info: Pairedsnake

5 years ago#5
pairedsnake all lowercase id like to check it out ina bit if you dont mind

User Info: AWarAmp84

5 years ago#6
Currently playing Trials Evolution, Minecraft and L4D and L4D 2.

User Info: David_Mills7

5 years ago#7
Goonies is a classic. I can't join you, but I'd love to see some pictures if you can post them.

User Info: Seven_Zombis

5 years ago#8
Serious muppet?

I HAVE to see this!
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User Info: fkdfeller

5 years ago#9
I will stand in the backround and do the truffle shuffle.

User Info: BoxTheMuppet

5 years ago#10
Do the bump!

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