List of updates that have already come out?

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User Info: mst3kfan78

5 years ago#1
I know the regulars of this board are probably sick to death of questions about updates and patches that have yet to come out so I'm looking for a list of the updates (and patches) that have ALREADY come out. I haven't been on the game for about 2 months now (trying to clear my game backlog then moved and no internet yet) and was hoping someone might be able to include what the updates included and when they came out. Please no links to other sites. Stuck at work and limited internet is available here. Thanks for any info you can provide.
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User Info: riddlebox89

5 years ago#2
June 15th we got a bug fix update which included.
Added an autosave, and the ability to turn autosave off, or set it from 15 minutes up to 2 hours in 15 minute steps.
Split the sensitivity controls into an in-game sensitivity and an in-menu sensitivity.
Added an Interface Opacity slider in the settings for plasma screen users.
Added a gamertag display in splitscreen, and the ability to enable/disable it in the settings.
Added an option in the settings menu to enable/disable in-game hints.
Added an option in the settings menu to enable/disable tooltips.
Added a coordinate display to the in-game map.
Added new sections in the How To Play on Multiplayer, Sharing Screenshots, and What’s New.
Added a warning message when attempting to place lava near the spawn area.

Bug fixes:

Fix for the leaderboard crash when toggling between filters/leaderboards.
Fix for server disconnect message appearing when offline or in leaderboards.
Fix for issue where posting a screenshot to Facebook caused a back out to the main menu.
Fix for clay generation.
Fix for ‘Awaiting Approval’ showing all the time on some signs.
Various crafting menu fixes.
Fix for being able to stand on sugarcane.
Fix for intermittent crash on saving.
Fix for duplication bug with the furnace and dispenser.
Fix for not being able to place water near the spawn area.
Fix for intermittent problem on entering the Nether putting the player above the Nether.
Fix for frame-rate drop around the edge of the world.
Fix for intermittent problem where some achievements were not being awarded.
Fix for graphical issue with stairs.
Fix for issue with enemies spawning inside a house when they shouldn’t.
Fix for Zombie Pigmen not being counted for leaderboard scores.
Fix for buckets being taken when crafting cake.

Notable bugs:

A Boat can be pushed through solid blocks and appear solid black. While black they cannot be destroyed. You must break the block that it is stuck in to make it return to the proper texture color and breakable.
Occasional game freezes (in Multiplayer Only?) just prior to auto-save when running game for several hours straight.
When digging through Sand, some blocks will visually dissapper but will still be there when attempting to dig. When a user digs through the visually missing block to another block different from Sand (Ex. Cobblestone) the game will continue to produce the sound signifying the player is digging through Sand although the user is digging through a different block. This will continue until the user either switches tools or places a block down and then breaks the block that has been placed down.
Duplication from the dispenser still hasn't been fixed. You can still duplicate it is just more difficult.
A glitch may occur that makes blocks 'respawn' after being 'broken.' The block makes all visual indications of damage, and the appropriate sounds, but are in truth taking no damage. After the animation for 'breaking' is finished, 'broken' blocks disappear without spawning a pickup item, and then reappear approx. one second later. This glitch also expands to mobs, in that they make sounds and flash red, but do not get knocked back or actually take any damage. However, 'breaking' the blocks still uses up your tools and weapons as normal.
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User Info: riddlebox89

5 years ago#3
On July 13th the game was updated to be on par with the Beta 1.7.3 version of Minecraft on PC, which included.
Added pistons & sticky pistons.
Added stackable fences.
Added shears – required to get wool from sheep, and to collect leaf blocks.
TNT needs flint and steel or redstone to detonate.
Redstone wire will now connect to a repeater.
New textures for cobblestone and brick.

Added Character Skin Selector to allow players to choose their skin from the default skins, or from downloadable Skin Packs.
Added lighting improvements (backported from Beta 1.8.1 of the computer version) and snow & rain improvements.
Added a save file cache to improve the speed of displaying the saves list.
Added ban list functionality to allow players to self-ban from levels they feel contain offensive content.
Added a ban list section to the How To Play menus.
Added an option for the host to limit online games to only players in their friends list (no friends of friends).
Added a seed display to the level load screen (requires existing levels to be saved out again to add the display).
Changed the tooltip display setting to in-game tooltip display, so that tooltips always display in menus.
Added the crosshair to the list of things affected by the opacity slider.
On using the quickselect bar, the opacity of the quickselect, tooltips, splitscreen gamertag display, and crosshair will be set to 80, and will fade back down to the user opacity setting after 6 seconds of no quickselect bar use.
Added some more Tips & Trivia to the loading/saving screen display.
Added the new textures for cooked porkchop and dispenser that were added in Beta 1.8 and 1.2.1 respectively. Grid Cooked Porkchop.png Dispenser.png
Added rigged lines in iron blocks,Iron (Block).png and minor changes to other ore blocks added in 1.0.0.

Tutorial World changes & additions

Added optional tutorial for pistons and redstone.
Added a self-building bridge to the castle using pistons.
Added some sugar cane, cacti and clay to the world.
Added a few other things for players to discover.

Bug Fixes: [Collapse]

Fix for only the host being shown the pop-up when any player attempts to place lava near the spawn point.
Fixed tooltip for flint and steel.
Fix for note blocks not showing notes.
Fix for Leaderboard reads taking too long.
Fix to block players re-entering a level they have been kicked from, until the level is restarted.
Fix to stop players being able to join a game when they are not a friend of any player in the game.
Fix for netherrack re-appearing after being mined.
Fix for a rare crash on entering the Nether.
Fix for attacking enemies at a different level not damaging them (e.g. Attacking a pig while it's standing in grass will now hit it).
Fixed a problem causing some save games not to load.
I am a dedicated member of the "Walter Sullivan Is Bad-Ass" group!!!
I am the true originator of the Cookie Demon theory on the SH2 and 3 boards.

User Info: mst3kfan78

5 years ago#4
Thank you so much. Looks like I'm going to have to boot up the tutorial map to get me up to speed on the redstone and pistons once I get internet to get the updates.
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User Info: sonic_man00

5 years ago#5
Here's links to both upcoming updates and update history.
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