downloading a hunger games map? HELP

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  3. downloading a hunger games map? HELP

User Info: zeppelin1968

5 years ago#1
Hey i have been trying to play hunger games with my friends recently but I can't get the map to transfer to my xbox correctly. I get it on the usb stick and plug it in and "move" it. When I open minecraft it says damaged save or something similar to that. I use modio to put the file on my drive but I dont know why it doesnt work. PLEASE HELP!!

User Info: rdnythesavior

5 years ago#2
You can't download maps for the Xbox version. Make it yourself.
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User Info: DeadLock25

5 years ago#3
To whoever said you cant, read the TC post again. He clearly indicated that it is possible, transferring the file from a USB after acquiring it and using third party software.

However, to TC, you must realize that what you are doing is against the ToS of Microsoft and is grounds for a Ban, although that is highly unlikely. Im also unsure as to how appropriate the topic is for these forums. Im not sure how well topics about modding (which is what this is, although harmless) would sit with the mods.

Either way, make sure the save is registered to your GT, and not your friends. Re-download the file and try again. If it doesnt work, your friend might have not uploaded it correctly.
GT: Deadlock25

User Info: LINK676

5 years ago#4
Resign it!
thread=locked :P

User Info: cory1225

5 years ago#5
Yeah just rehash/resign it i perfer horizon its alot easier to use
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  3. downloading a hunger games map? HELP

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