Lighting Help (requesting, not giving)

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User Info: IronPunisher

5 years ago#1
i have a 32x32x32 space underground and i want to put 32x32 murals on each of the walls. how can i light up the place without putting torches on the murals or incorporating glowstone/jack-o-lanterns into the "art"?

User Info: infamous3668

5 years ago#2
holes in the ceiling for the torches? glass floor with lava under it? flaming nether rock? if your not willing to use torches or anything on the walls you may have to get creative
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User Info: DeadLock25

5 years ago#3
Expand each wall by 2 blocks each making it 34x34x34 and outline each wall with glowstone or glass so it does not get in the way of your artwork but rather surrounds it like a frame.

If you do not plan to use the floor or ceiling, a central pillar containing the lightsources should suffice, although i doubt that will provide anywhere near the amount of light to light up the whole room adequately.

The frame Idea will light up alot of the area, but the central portion of the 32x32 square will still be in the dark. If you plan on using paintings, you can throw those onto glowstone and the light will still shine through. But seeing as you dont want anything within that area besides the work itself it seems unlikely that you would try that, but hey its still a suggestion.

Good luck to you, and dont be afraid to experiment.
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User Info: Smooth-Jazz

5 years ago#4
Lava in the floor covered by glass, glowstone in the ceiling, torches on the floor... There are many options here.
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User Info: IronPunisher

5 years ago#5
thanks for such quick responses. i'm going to have to play with these and see what works.

User Info: AngieFan

5 years ago#6
i am a fan of supporting pillars, put in some pilars at nice symetric and even spacing and line them with tourches, if that wasent an option i would find a way to incorporate torches or other light sources into the art, maybe have light in areas i want to glow and stuff.
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User Info: RedJacket200

5 years ago#7
I used glow stone in my underground buildings. Does not take up and space other then a block space and it gives off light.
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User Info: pj44055

5 years ago#8

Why not try one of CNB's lighting mechanisms? There are two versions.

The first, he labels as a "deluxe" lighting system. The reason being that, when it's off, the ceiling is completely flat. When on, though, the glowstone comes down one extra block. I feel that, because it comes down one block from the ceiling, it provides a little more light than the next version.

The second is essentially a standard block-swapper. There are three different ways to make it; one for the ceiling, one for the walls, and one for the floor. He also shows how to make strip lighting for the ceiling.

Personally, I use the first. I originally made a house with the second, using the ceiling version, but I decided to give the first a shot, and have been using it ever since.

Of course, this is just to make your room cooler. Walk in to a dark room, flick the switch, and BAM! Your murals are now completely lit all for all the world to see. You can, of course, take the dull way and merely place permanent glowstone blocks or lava under your floor. I'm just throwing this out there.

As a side-note, CNB has some wonderful mechanisms, should you ever want to try and make things. Like, why not hide your murals behind a 2x2 hidden door that can only be opened by using a combination lock?
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User Info: girby

5 years ago#9
Hide glowstone behind paintings. The light still comes through but u see no glowstone. Cheers

User Info: IronPunisher

5 years ago#10
I had resolved to just put torchs on the murals, then the crazy redstone caught my eye, but I don't think it'll light enough. I decided to just go ahead and use the simplest and make a skylight. Thank you for all of your suggestions.
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