Underwater World!

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User Info: Damascus85

5 years ago#1
Actually I'm not as excited as the title may make me seem. Why is it that now half of random worlds I make are 99% submerged in water? The remaining 1% being the tiny bit of land I start on.
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User Info: GUNBLADE99

5 years ago#2
They added ocean biomes, but did not increase the size of the map on the 360 version. I have made a few different seeds and have only had one instance of this. I'd suggest you just generate a new one.
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User Info: David_Mills7

5 years ago#3
Ocean Biomes are taking over Minecraft!

User Info: OmegaReaper21

5 years ago#4
At least you spawn on land, my first seed I tried, I spawned in the ocean.

User Info: Damascus85

5 years ago#5
Ah, didn't even know about ocean biomes. I suppose I can use creative mode to make them into wild and crazy pirate themed worlds. I have tried a few worlds now, mainly scouting them out in creative before I go to survival, and 4 out of 8 have been all ocean so far. Just gotta keep at it I suppose.
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User Info: Geist

5 years ago#6
It must not be that common. Last night after the update I literally tried almost 20 different maps in a row to find one I liked (and had sheep) and only came across one that had a ton of water. A lot had a crapload of plains though.
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