Mini game ideas?

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User Info: dogbeatsjuggal0

4 years ago#1
So i have a game room in my daughters castle, the game room is on the second floor so we can only do one block down for redstone etc, we have a bowling lane with pistons etc, dunk booth, and trying to find one more working fun game, it can't be anything with fire or lava because the castle is made out of wool, i have taken a look at youtube and only other small games i see is pool which looks boring just using the water trying to get the blocks into the holes, any help would be appreciated and if you can please include links to other websites or youtube that would show how to make the game you post/pictures etc.

User Info: ManInBlack_77

4 years ago#2
Arrows can be used to knock paintings off of walls. You could rig up some sort of shooting gallery using that mechanic. You can't move the paintings themselves or they fall off the wall but using pistons to block and reveal the paintings could work.

I intend to make something along these lines myself but haven't gotten around to doing it yet.
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User Info: Divided_By_One

4 years ago#3
Connect 4 with sand and gravel. I had my board empty with a switch onto torches for easy collection.

I had to look it up so I'll just point out that a Connect 4 board is 7 wide and six tall.

Edit: After rereading your post, this probably wouldn't fit easily. But, I guess you'd know better than me, so maybe.
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User Info: dogbeatsjuggal0

4 years ago#4
good ideas, going to bring both those up to my fellow builder, and yes the room is 6 tall so we could do that with the connect 4

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