Really pissed off got a stronghold for no Abandoned mineshaft?

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  3. Really pissed off got a stronghold for no Abandoned mineshaft?

User Info: GregGagnon07

5 years ago#1
Xbox 360 edition not the PC

So ok i dont what the hell is going on but ive dug up 7 large underground crevices...Found the strong hold with the ender portal which is useless atm but i need melon seeds badly for potions.

The seed i used was : Wake (exactly like that)

Now i have an original lv with that seed thats survival not useing the new creative mode feature.

Then i copied that seed to make a duplicate lv with creative to try and find these damn seeds.

Im so confused on all of these updatets, do lvs only spawn with 1 stronghold and 0 mineshafts visa versa? Does the xbox 360 even have abandoned mineshafts? Could anyone help me in finding the melon seeds in this xbox 360 minecraft seed and post the coordinates for me on the map were the melon/box with melon seeds is?

Ive been blowing up the entire map in the duplicate lv with tnt constantly i think ive blown up the entire map and still nothing any help would be greatly appreciated but i dont have internet at the house so helping me find these and posting where they would be on this thread would be awesome thanks!

Once i find the seeds im going back to the original to dig my way there if there is any sort of thing in this seed.

User Info: Dokoshi

5 years ago#2
There has to be somewhere. You probably just can't find it. Try having someone with a bad internet connection scan the underground for you
GT: dokoshi

User Info: GregGagnon07

5 years ago#3
Well im hopeing that someone with a party will help me on this i mean im working on it right now ive been blowing the entire map up for 7 hours straight and nothing i still have much to explore but if you need info on coordinates in the "Wake" seed for the 360 i can post them here like where the portal is at, were the strong hold begins, where the giant crevices are that ive dug up please i need help im desperate! =(

User Info: DAM 1

5 years ago#4
Yes the 360 version has abandoned mine shafts. My previous world prior to the update had two and I currently have one in my present world. Just keep looking.
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User Info: GregGagnon07

5 years ago#5
Like heres the exact coordinates for the ender portal in the Wake seed

(x) -152
(y) 24
(z) -141

This lands you directly in the room with the portal and a silver fish spawner

(x) 412
(y) 14
(z) -265

Atleast 4 diamonds

User Info: GregGagnon07

5 years ago#6
I will start listing the crevices i found that arent totally destroyed in the duplicate lv here then my 2nd post will be of the crevices found in the destroyed world i hope people will use this info to help me find my seeds ill map out were you need to dig at what coordintate to find the crevices.

Crevice 1

(x) 131
(y) 16
(z) 309

Crevice 2 (make sure to face north then dig down you ll end up next to a water-vator that will take you down into the crevice)

(x) -126
(y) 38
(z) 309

Crevice 3 (this crevice includes the stronghold aswell you will see an awesome library if you look up in the SE direction)

(x) -151
(y) 23
(z) -141

User Info: GregGagnon07

5 years ago#7
These are a list of crevices i found in creative mode

Crevice 4 (3 way crevice)

(x) 317
(y) 26
(z) -117

Crevice 5

(x) -223
(y) 15
(z) 375

Im still currently mapping out the deep crevices in creative just for melon seeds. Any help would be appreciated. These are just a few that ive found and desperately need help if you find what im looking for please post the coordinates here and thanks!

User Info: randomguy274

5 years ago#8
GregGagnon07 posted...
At least 4 diamonds

Haha, Its unlikely there are less than 1000
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User Info: GregGagnon07

5 years ago#9
Just updated New Crevice found

Crevice 6 (another 3-way crevice with no bridge determineing its a mine shaft

(x) 1
(y) 29
(z) -55

User Info: 3CDED

5 years ago#10
try x ray glitching
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  3. Really pissed off got a stronghold for no Abandoned mineshaft?

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