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User Info: NiCkKiSSiMo

4 years ago#1
Hi to everybody!

I'm playing that fantastic seed "gargamel" (-1623774494) on the xBox 360 (obvious), and I've some questions about that seed. I've found some topic about that seed but isn't the same, maybe because the other players had used some caps lock into the name of the seed when they had input it when has been requested, for that I've put the seed number too).

Alright! ( ^_~)

Let's talk about it!

In this seed I'm looking for a skeleton spawner in the center of the map or not too much away from it.
I've found some mob spawners but they're not what I'm looking for.


X -22 Y 43 Z 44
X 68 Y 14 Z 21

X 10 Y 34 Z -3

Cave Spiders
X -6 Y 36 Z -236

If someone is looking for the melon seeds they are into a chest inside a lost mine, you can easily find it going at the following coordinates (X -46 Y 64 Z-272) and look into the water facing to the East to see the entrance, then just follow these instructions:
Go down into the entrance, and try to direct yourself close to the torch next to the sand blocks. Done? Ok, follow me, paying attention to some possible mob, pass under that torch and you will see ahead a spiderweb, pass it to the right, putting some torches around, now go ahead, some blocks of gravel are blocking the gallery (there is a stair going down to the left), mine them away, after the gravel you will see some rails floating on the ground above the tunnel under you, you're close, with the sword in your hand take a breath and jump down, look the map (X-10 Y36 Z-284) and go to the south, some cave spiders are around, recover some health if is necessary and eat something, ahead you can see some wood pillars, proceed carefully and at the third crossroad to the left will be the cave spiders spawner and to the left you will find the chest with the melon seeds!

Ok, now I will wait if someone can help me to find the skeletons spawner close to the center map.

I'm sorry about my bad English but I hope you have understood my words ( ^_~)

By NiCkKiSSiMo

User Info: LeisureGaming

4 years ago#2
gargamel changed with the further updates, i have the seed saved before the changes, that is the way it looks now and everything is changed. I looked at the way it changed and it is horrible now
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