are there witch huts in this game

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  3. are there witch huts in this game

User Info: ilovekhairah

4 years ago#1
Are they?

User Info: MrAntike184

4 years ago#2
ilovekhairah posted...
Are they?

we dont even have witches
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User Info: zack12369

4 years ago#3
Yes, you make them. Welcome to minecraft.
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User Info: OnePolishGuy

4 years ago#4
No, and it look like they aren't going to add it in the next update (months away).

But I could be wrong. They posted a screenshot of what's to come. That includes ocelots, upside down staircases and slabs, and the jungle biome. Maybe they didn't show the huts in that screenshot. I wouldn't stay optimistic, though IMO.

We have creative, potions, strongholds, mineshafts, ender dragon, ravines, enchanting tables, blazes, and NPC villages. There are NO emeralds or villager trading.

Did you have any questions about what the 360 version includes?
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User Info: Tuoh

4 years ago#5
ilovekhairah posted...
are there witch huts in this game
Are they?

Give this man his second award.
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User Info: Talon5967

4 years ago#6
Once we get jungles, is there anything else (not counting emeralds) that we would need a new world to get?

Every time they announce they're adding something that we need a new world to have in our world, I have to stop playing. This is because if I don't have it (such as when the swamp biome was released), it bugs me constantly until I finally break down and start a new world. So now when something new is announced, I stop playing until it's released, as I don't see the point in building in a world I'll eventually stop playing on. Then I get into other games, and by the time I get back to Minecraft, by the time I start getting into it again, something else is announced.
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  3. are there witch huts in this game

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