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User Info: Holdemtime

4 years ago#1
Thank you 4J, for constantly giving us new content, but I really don't care about any of that. You can bring us a whole host of new things every few months to add to our lag problems, but I'm not impressed. I've faithfully played this game since launch, and I've dutifully paid for almost every skin pack, but I've had enough. You can fool all these little kids with your free updates, but those of us with half a brain are fed up. Here's a list of things you've had the opportunity to fix but neglected because it doesn't make you money:

1. Multiplayer lag.
Where do I even begin? Why would you give us the option of playing with up to 7 other players if the xbox isn't capable of handing that without dedicated servers? You lied to us. Plain and simple. This game cannot handle that many players, yet you marketed it as such to sell units. You duped 8 million people into believing they were receiving a full fledged Minecraft game and made a bunch of money, but that was a lie. After the 4th or 5th person joins a game it becomes unplayable (This even occurs sometimes when there are 2 people in a server). Chunks don't load. Players lag out. Frame rates plummet to unplayable levels, It would be so easy to offer dedicated servers, and you would make money on them, but we're relegated to suffer the constant lag issues because of your failure to implement a simple idea. (Buy a $500 xbone if you want a real $20 game!)

2. Bugs since day 1
Signs are invisible. So are chests. I can't describe how much rage I've experienced due to invisible signs at spawn. These are bugs that have been a part of the game since the first day the game was released. Why have these issues not been fixed? Why do you constantly roll out new lag inducing updates without a thought to the bugs that have been in this game since the beginning? Redstone randomly failing for absolutely no reason. Signs awaiting approval for 3 to 4 hours. Players entering a game without the ability to load any chunks besides the one they're in. You have the PC version as a model. Why are the same bugs that were in the PC in this version? Did you not learn from their mistakes? You have a model of what went wrong with the coding. Why can't you learn from what happened there instead of translating the code, errors and all, verbatim? (Double tapping up on a keyboard to sprint is NOT the same as tapping up twice on a control stick. Who was the idiot who thought a direct port of the controls was a good idea?)

3.Ignoring the problems
The thing the xbox version of this game suffers from the most is lag. Why have you payed absolutely no attention to this fact? You haven't offered us the ability to turn off rain. You haven't offered us the ability to turn off particles. You haven't offered us the ability to see the ping of other players. You spend all of your time on skin packs and updates and texture packs because they make you money. I guess I can't fault you there because they generate revenue, but I can't understand how you've managed to sell so many copies of a piss poor version of Minecraft. Greed is a s****** thing. You can trick all these ten year olds into getting excited for new content that will lag the game further, but those of us with half a brain are furious that you're compounding the lag by offering more and more lag inducing features. I don't give a s*** about iron golems, or cats, or skycap increases. Fix the game so I can play with my friends without relogging 30 times an hour like you promised and then I'll be impressed.

In the end this was a $20 game. I understand that. It's a magnificent game and it was worth every single penny, even with all these problems. What I don't understand is why so much time and effort is being spent on compounding the problems instead of fixing them. Maybe the majority of your fan base are blinded by new features, but I'm not. I'm begging you 4J. Please do something about these issues instead of blindly appealing to idiots who don't know any better. And I'm done.
XBOX GT: Beancrew49

User Info: Sxmfct

4 years ago#2
" but those of us with half a brain are fed up."

Dude...what happened to the other half of your brain? Are you okay?

Also have you tried downloading more RAM?
(message deleted)

User Info: Holdemtime

4 years ago#4
SaintFC_ posted...
Then go get the PC version and stop whining like a b****.

Anyone willing to add substance to this discussion?
XBOX GT: Beancrew49

User Info: TBD2009

4 years ago#5
You know... it's for those reasons, and many, many, many others, that I let my BFF convince me to give the PC version a shot (despite my absolute reluctance to install it, or any other games onto my work machine), and... really... I don't regret that choice.

Say what you want about "being able to just play with friends" on the Xbox 360 version... and it ~is~ good for that (plus being able to voice chat, without having to install Skype, or any other messenger/chat client)... but it's not the same game.

Maybe you should give the PC version a go, especially if you're fed up with the limitations on the 360. Heck, you can even buy access to a dedicated server, and make Beanburg a full fledged, 24/7 server, chock full of safety measures (really, the plugins and features like World Guard are just... they're ~amazing~), and you can even re-create (and IMPROVE) your "trials" for allowing entry into the server. Not only that, but you can have a Whitelist function, so that only the people you want onto your server have access, with you (and your mods) in charge.

But, that's just my thirty cents.

User Info: iliketurtles95

4 years ago#6
He`s got a point... There needs to be dedicated servers. Perhaps a monthly fee / server given that we would get more control on the map.
GT: c4rm4geddon

User Info: jaytheultimate

4 years ago#7
If it's the people who made the game you wish to address then, wouldn't it be better if you posted on the official forum? I doubt any of them visit here.
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User Info: z_Undisplayed

4 years ago#8
I've played a pvp match for quite a while with 5 others, there was little, if any, lag in our match. Maybe it's your connection in which is causing the problem.

And I truly dont care that much for skins or textures that much either. I'd rather make my own skin. I've waited so long to make my own "Dark Steve" skin.

4J please make TU13 a bug/lag fix in which can truly solve our multiplayer problems, so our connect does not hold us back as bad as it does now. I do somewhat agree with holdemtime, although not in a "very angry" fashion.

(To holdemtime) Just start a world with a few of your friends, creative or survival. If there is lag from the start, it is likely your connection. Otherwise, there should be little noticeable FPS drop, if any at all. I tried this to see if the problem was the game or not. It's not.

Maybe you should upgrade your Internet. That may solve your problems. And seriously?!? Half a brain?
Eternal Darkness

User Info: whitepsychtiger

4 years ago#9
jaytheultimate posted...
If it's the people who made the game you wish to address then, wouldn't it be better if you posted on the official forum? I doubt any of them visit here.

Actually, 4J Steve has a GF account and sometimes post around here, although he does so very rarely.
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User Info: TBD2009

4 years ago#10
jaytheultimate posted...
I doubt any of them visit here.

4J Steve used to, for quite a while... but I think he's given up all hope for polite discourse on Gamefaqs. ¬_¬

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