Learning redstone in a hands-on fashion

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User Info: amishman53

3 years ago#1
In short, im building a form of password activated/deactivated mechanism. password entry via a sequence of 4 buttons will activate door or deactivate a trap... whatever.

This is a learning experience for me to get better with manipulating redstone and methods of condensing redstone. As such, I need someone who is well-experienced with redstone to help me with the construction of this project who can show me ways to condense my usual methods (like a AND gate followed by an inverter instead of the two-in-one variation).

Only one stipulation when making suggestions to me about the project. The core method of this contraption isnt to change. It operates on 4 pistons pushing a block around a 2x2 square. the buttons operate a piston and beneath the blocks 2x2 area is a redstone torch passing power to that block. ill explain more about the core idea in person but the full contrapion is to work as follows..

1. 4 button input requires a certain sequence to give an output
2. a wrong button press results in password reset.

i would also like to discuss the possibility of adding a extra tidbit - 3 incorrect password entries result in something like a pitfall to your death.(theory talk.. this addition probly wont happen tonight and probably wouldnt be part of this variation of password entry contraptions).

User Info: randomguy274

3 years ago#2
An AND gate followed by an inverter is also known as a NAND. The best way to do it (if you had space) would be to have the 2 redstone torches with one block space between them, then have one redstone dust in between them. Place the 3rd torch that will act as an inverter on the front of the block which has the dust on top. I would show you that and other stuff, but I don't have good right now, and am unable to use my Xbox as well.
GT: Jaysus273
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User Info: amishman53

3 years ago#3
i noted the nand gate as an example and this project so far has used 8 of them. on that note the AND and NAND gates are the only ones i know by heart, and i did inverters behind 4 of the NAND gates that makes me believe a different logic gate might be able 2 simplify those parts a bit.

Im probably not going to mess with this construction anymore until i have a knowledgeable person with me as the next step looks like it may involve 4 T-flip-flops that im building above everything else and im not sure if its necessary to do it that way or is the simplist way. Ultimately im curious as 2 what ways their may be to cut the size of this beast.. as it being a self discovered method to a password sequence mechanism i feel kinda "prideful" in it to want to use it over other forms found on youtube.

User Info: DeadLock25

3 years ago#4
I have a 9 button combo lock built in my world that operates on a specific sequence. If a number is entered incorrectly (out of sequence) the whole thing resets and you must start your entry process again.

This is a direct extension of the 4 button combo lock that you are looking to build. I am happy to show you how to build it.

You can come into my game now and see how it works. I am not an expert on redstone by any means, but I sort of understand how it works. Just note that it is by no means my own design, I took it off of youtube and modified it to work in the current version of the game.

PS: The method I used involves no pistons, but accomplishes the goals you want. If the pistons are absolutely necessary (I dont see why they would be if the goals can be accomplished without them) then I cannot help you.
GT: DeadLock25
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  3. Learning redstone in a hands-on fashion

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