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User Info: Minethis

3 years ago#1
Hello gamefaqs! I'm currently building an economy server in survival and I'm looking for useful tips that any of you may have discovered in your minecraft journey.

I have chosen a currency and a price for each item than can be obtained without crafting.

My plan is to create a long lasting community so I've built a few mini quests to get a feel for the type of people trying to join as well as give every player some starting items to help get them through the first few nights.

I have built 3 of the 7 mini quests and as soon as I'm done with them I will be opening it to the public for testing. This world will be saved but most likely not played on after the One comes out.

My plan is to save this game after the intro is finished and export it to the One and start the actual game fresh there.

Everyone who goes through the intro on the 360 will be able to skip the intro and be given a starter chest with the beginner items and some mystery gratitude gifts.
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User Info: Minethis

3 years ago#2
Ok one more mini quest to go and the game should be ready to join.
It will be played on hard with gamer tags on.

The mini quests will be explained in game but I can tell you that you will be given 8 cooked fish, 10 torches, and one of each wooden tool.

There will be a few big jobs available for the first few people who join that will pay well. One will be constructing a wall around the village and lighting it up and the other will be establishing the mines in the extreme hills biome to the north.
Monday at around 5 est I will be on and introducing people to the map.
Feel free to join me for some fun adventures.
GT SolidMP15 "Facts on the internet are like stories from a demented old man...
Embellished or just plain made up."

User Info: The21stgun

3 years ago#3
Biggest tip: Don't start Political parties

Riots will break loose
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