But I thought Bungie was done with Halo...

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  3. But I thought Bungie was done with Halo...

User Info: timirchand624

6 years ago#1
...but then again, Halo makes a crap ton of money

User Info: JonThePenguin

6 years ago#2
Bungie is done with Halo.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is not.

User Info: KnickKnack12

6 years ago#3
Its 343 industries.

User Info: Eskii

6 years ago#4
Bungie was done with halo, then they realized how bad they sucked at making anything but halo.

User Info: Another_Denshuu

6 years ago#5
This isn't Bungie, buddy.
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User Info: Eskii

6 years ago#6

User Info: xxKai

6 years ago#7

Yeah Bungie's last game in the Halo series was Reach, they kind of rushed it too

User Info: Moonlight_Surf

6 years ago#8
Bungie isn't making it anymore. 343 Industries has stepped up; I think they're a bunch of people that used to be with Bungie.

And yeah, that was an awkward send off for Bungie. Don't get me wrong, I loved Reach... but really? The creators of the franchise chose their last game to be... a prequel? Kind of anticlimactic IMO.
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User Info: 752

6 years ago#9
i hate reading people think this
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  3. But I thought Bungie was done with Halo...

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