Better not be like reach...

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User Info: EvilCactus

6 years ago#31
You're not a real assassin. Grow up, kid.
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User Info: xxKai

6 years ago#32

Thing is, Reach is a prequel, it probably will go un-touched as we go to Halo 4, it'll be like going back to Halo 3 and that's what I'm looking for

User Info: Landonio

6 years ago#33
Reach is the best in the series. If you don't agree then go play COD all day or something.

LMFAO. Joke post?
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User Info: Groves22

6 years ago#34

From: Assassin144 | #001
Anyone else here feel that if this game is anything without reach they will probably skip their purchase? I was a huge halo fan until reach came out. That game just has such bad gameplay.

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lol... move along, troll. See how lame posting someone else's karma is? There is always someone higher, unless you're CVagts...
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User Info: 752

6 years ago#35
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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