Its not Halo without Marty O Donnel

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User Info: Red_Chair

6 years ago#1
Topic :(

User Info: lalwtf

6 years ago#2
Oh god i just realized that he wont be making the music :/

They need to hire him to do it tbh, such an awesome composer. MW2 tried to go against Marty with Hans Zimmer and failed.

<3 Marty (and Nobuo Uematsu, the ff music guy unless i mixed up the names)
Sweden´s finest or just stupid

User Info: LeetCheet

6 years ago#3
I forgot that too.

The music is what I love most about Halo.
Well, at least they could have some remakes of some older tracks, that would be fine with me.
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User Info: Killer2401

6 years ago#4
Just re-use the older tracks, I won't complain.

User Info: bioshock1337

6 years ago#5
Killer2401 posted...
Just re-use the older tracks, I won't complain.

I hope they do that.....because if they don't, I'm gonna rage sooooo hard.
XBL: bioshock1337

User Info: Go2Church

6 years ago#6
I love me Marty.

I hope the new guy can compose though, don't reuse everything. Im a big fan of One Final Effort.
GT: Anonymousity

User Info: Smackdowner1

6 years ago#7
Halo Wars had an awesome soundtrack, and Marty wasn't part of that.

Anyway, the Halo theme was featured at the end of the teaser.
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User Info: 11_15_2011

6 years ago#8
who cares as long as its similar

User Info: aCRAZYanarchist

6 years ago#9
be like ______

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