Where's the H3 vets at?

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User Info: MisterrBadass

6 years ago#11
Infinity Wards CoD games are somewhat fun though at least. And they're high production stuff. I mean...it's at least enjoyable. Every MW game seems to be that way to me, and with most other players. I disagree with pumping out a new CoD game each year (which I doubt Halo will do) but I find it hard to say that IW is running CoD into the ground.

Anyways, hows it going.
Catch the Four CT4

User Info: Suikoden2003

6 years ago#12
How about getting some Halo 2 vets in here?
First Blood The Sage
Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

User Info: xxKai

6 years ago#13

Howbout some Marathon Vets lawl

User Info: Rawfullll

6 years ago#14
H3GB regs whats up
GT: iJesseee
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