Master Cheif does not have a jetpack, neither does Master Chief

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User Info: FruityCray0n

6 years ago#11
blahsezme posted...
Hopefully 4 will have zero G enviroments were you get to float around use your thruster pack thingy.
But yeah, just because he didn't have a jetpack in 3 doesn't mean he can't have a jetpack in 4. Its like saying after Reach the covenant decided to just stop producing the needle rifles and every single Skirmisher died. Its called retconing and we've seen it done before in Halo; including masterchiefs armor from 2 to 3.
As long as they don't go crazy with it, and have Master Chief's armor have wrist mounted gattling lasers or something silly like that, I don't have a problem with it.

okay from now on a zero G maneuvering system will be know as ''thruster pack thingy'' spread the word
SSJGrimReaper:If FruityCray0n doesn't approve, this topic is null and void
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User Info: tubb311

6 years ago#12
xxKai posted...
Lawl man nice, I agree with you it's the only damn idea that makes sense, people are just fazed coming straight from Halo Reach and thinking anything on your back that makes you fly is a jet-pack

its not really an idea, these are talked about in the books

User Info: Jdog30

6 years ago#13
neither does john, neither does spartan 117, neither does that dude with the helmet,

User Info: TheMuffin

6 years ago#14
And neither does Halo! God I remember when people who had never played the game wayyyyy back used to knock it and treat John as if his actual name was Halo. Good times.
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User Info: JStewVGM

6 years ago#15
Dont delete my post just cause you didnt like it. There wasn't anything offensive ha-ha. Mods...think they rule the world ha-ha! Remember who your boss is!
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  3. Master Cheif does not have a jetpack, neither does Master Chief

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