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User Info: eggy32

6 years ago#1

Sounds like an FPS/RPG to me.
Something better needs to be here.

User Info: xHughJasx

6 years ago#2
it's quite chilly in here.
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User Info: tubb311

6 years ago#3
total BS. their source is forum thread

User Info: Geist

6 years ago#4
Not bad, I like the idea of working with what you can find. I wish we could see that video.
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User Info: xxKai

6 years ago#5

Sounds pretty cool so far, looks like we'll have a hell of a lot of free willed customization which to me is always a thumbs up

User Info: Mattk

6 years ago#6
Land, sea and space.

Huge maps and levels or possibly free roam?

I like the idea of giving us choice as well. Chief can either go save Cortana, or go confront the big baddie. I like the idea of making an FPS that makes us feel more than just a walking gun.
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