Simultaneous Sprint and Jetpack

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User Info: mistermerk

6 years ago#1
I think that most of us can agree that the only AAs that enhance Halo gameplay, or are at least tolerable, are sprint and jetpack. Personally, I hate jetpack because I can never use it--due to bumper jumper control scheme--and it's annoying to go against. But I'm sure I would find it fun if I could use it.

So, what if in Halo 4, 343 makes it so that everyone loads out with BOTH sprint and jetpack, and all other AAs are done away with? Default control scheme would be bumper jumper (tap LB to jump, hold to activate jetpack; sprint is X) and you could use either AA with one meter whenever the situation dictated. This would allow 343 to make new kinds of maps, ones with more of a vertical component, and add to the Halo gameplay without changing it too much. Obviously there could be certain playlists, maps, or variants where one or both of the AAs are inactive.

What do you think? Is this a change you would welcome?

User Info: Majoras_pants

6 years ago#2
No, we can't all agree with that. Sprint is a terrible mechanic in Halo. You have too much health/shields for it to be a good aspect, because it makes it easy to get away from almost any encounter. And the jetpack was only good for exploiting unreachable areas to get in unintended camping spots, or to make yourself an easy target in a battle.

User Info: Famine_10f4

6 years ago#3

I will admit that I would gladly take it over no AA's, I also love maps like SwordBase and CountDown for their vertical layout... I think it would be neat, especially if the JetPacks became more agile unlike the slow vulnerable ones in Reach.

User Info: EliteNamedSteve

6 years ago#4

Evade is good too.

You could set it up so when you are moving forward, it will sprint ahead, but when you are moving sideways or backwards, it will evade that direction.

Jetpack could also be assigned to the jump button so that whenever you are in the air, it would activate the jetpack. The button does nothing then, so its a perfect fit.

User Info: EliteNamedSteve

6 years ago#5

lol, I skipped over the line when you had the jump jetpack button idea. My bad.

Anyway just had a balance idea about sprint. In Halo, sprint as is doesnt work. Other games that use sprint dont have the large health pools that Halo does. Their battles are over in a second while in Halo they are a flow of positioning and well aimed shots. It takes time to land 5 single round shots on a moving target, You dont have a AK47 killing a guy instantly by putting a burst in their general direction. Sprint is great for getting into battle in Halo, but too powerful for escaping battles you are losing because of how much time you get to react. You have plenty of time to turn around and run behind a corner. You can keep running till your shields recharge and then start the battle again for a free second chance.

My idea is when you sprint, your shield recharge timer pauses. That way when you run, you remain as vulnerable as when you started. You dont get the free benifit of a fresh shield just by running away from your opponent. You will have to earn it by hiding or suppressing the opponent from following. Doesnt effect its ability to get into battle, stops it from slowing down already slow gameplay. It adds choice to the gameplay, instead of running away always being the best option, now you have to decide how to stop your opponent from just chasing you down because they will have the same sprint ability.

User Info: DRAGON07891230

6 years ago#6
Just because you use bumper jumper doesn't mean we should have it as Default. No offense. But I do like the sprint and jetpack idea, but not from the beginning of the game. A couple in the spawn area would work well though.
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