I really hope Halo 4 has BOTS

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User Info: Dillon360

6 years ago#1
That would be awesome!

Sadly I would play the game more by myself with bots than I would the MP with real people.

I don't see why it couldn't be done...

They can even help me out when my whole team quits cuz they can't handle losing... I'd much rather have me and 3 bots against 4 humans in a CTF match rather than being by myself.

Just don't allow them in Slayer matches because they could lose the match for ya REAL QUICK. But it would be fine for objective modes.

So what do you guys think?

Likey or no likey?
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User Info: Dillon360

6 years ago#2
And the best part about bots is:

- They don't quit

- They never lag

- They don't boot you for no reason

- They don't team kill

- They don't file a complaint on you for whoopin 'em!

- They are ALWAYS ready to play when you are

Which is more than what I could say for MOST gamers...
All it takes to be a superhero is the choice to FIGHT EVIL

User Info: SithLordClinton

6 years ago#3
Bots have been wanted sense halo CE. It wont happen. Either for technical reasons or profitable reasons.
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User Info: bobfather7

6 years ago#4
I would love bots, but unfortunately that probably wont happen. They probably think that the extra work needed to create competent AI would go to waste because people like MM more anyway. Unfortunately, I don't think most gamers demand or want bots nowadays, which is sad.
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User Info: butsizzle

6 years ago#5
It also encourages gamers to purchase an Xbox LIVE subscription, and profit is the name of the game so unfortunately bots will almost definitely be left out. Sorry dude.
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

6 years ago#6
I HATE that lie about technical reasons. Example: Treyarch claimed they couldn't make bots go after objectives, but maybe on a next gen console they could.
WHAT? Take a look at Battlefront 2 (star wars). That's on PS2 and original Xbox, and the bots go after objectives. They don't just stand around either, they'll crouch and move around and your AI allies will defend an objective as well.
At the least there could be a one sided objective with the players always on offense like in Onslaught in BC2.
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User Info: MrGreed

6 years ago#7
You have a point and that game came out a while ago...
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User Info: Majoras_pants

6 years ago#8
I would never EVER use them, since bots are always exploitable and will never be as fun as playing with/against humans. But I wouldn't be against them being included, as long as they are left out of online multiplayer.
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