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User Info: JohnO_o

5 years ago#11
Dark 05 posted...
John, I agree the forearms are basically Reach forearms, but I'm also not certain they're not just placeholder textures. Even then, I understand the picture shows very little.

Fair enough, they may be placeholders, but after this "Master of Espionage" managed to sidestep 343i's security, why not a picture of concept art, or enemy models, or architecture? The subject matter of this pic, even if it was somehow lifted from Halo 4, is pretty weak-sauce.

So, then, let's move the discussion in Halo 4's direction a bit more.

Cool, let's talk about Halo 4.

Questions I have regarding where this trilogy is taking place/taking the player.

QUESTIONS? Nobody is more qualified than me to answer your questions. In fact, I may be the only one who CAN.

1. Is the planet the "Legendary" planet from Halo 3? If so, how did I miss this confirmation (entirely possible)?

YES. That's my answer. The last time we saw the Chief, he was in the Legendary Planet's orbit. I guess it took a while for the planet to beam him in.

2. Is it out of the question that, with 343i's apparent new fascination with the books, this could be Onyx? It would explain why there are UNSC personnel there, UNSC equipment, etc.

NO. I'm pretty sure I heard that Onyx had a natural surface. The Legendary ball we saw was pretty mechanical looking. Although, concept art does show natural structures and foliage, but Forerunners tend to dig that Earthy vibe, just judging by the Rings.

Even if I'm way off base, I hope it isn't Onyx, purely because I want a mystery and a clean slate, instead of re-hashing old stuff.

3. Will we fight the Covenant? Coupled with the last question, if UNSC personnel are there and somehow Covenant are there (or were stranded there at some point), would they know the war is over?

Maybe...? Part of the jeopardy of finding this new planet could be the struggle for control of it from Covie Loyalists. But, even without the Covenant to jump us, I bet there will be plenty of interesting and varied resistance.

Fire some more questions my way. I'm on a roll.
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User Info: Patchwork

5 years ago#12
I'm spent.
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User Info: tubb311

5 years ago#13
looks like the arms from Halo Anniversary to me.
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User Info: WozzaBoi

5 years ago#14

It is not Onyx because, as already said, Onyx had a natural surface and more importantly, it was also destroyed, with the micro-dyson sphere inside stuck in slipspace.

The legendary planet is clearly mechanical cause of all the blue lighting and stuff and so is definately the thing seen in the Halo 4 trailer, unless 343 decided to mindf*** everyone with magic . . .

User Info: appleturnover87

5 years ago#15
tubb311 posted...
looks like the arms from Halo Anniversary to me.

my thoughts exactly.
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