Concrete Halo 4 Theory, wall of text, *spoilers*

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User Info: xiTz_RyaNx

5 years ago#1
The new trilogy has been named the Reclaimer Trilogy, correct? Well then if you've paid alot of attention to the storyline of the previous games, you know that Master Chief was many times referred to by this name. For those of you who don't have an exact idea, here is the exact definition from the Halo wiki. If you're already clear, skip the bold. A Reclaimer is an individual who, whether by chance or by precedent, has been placed in charge of activating a Halo super-weapon. The individual must journey to retrieve the Halo's activation key (the Index) from the ring's Library and then use it to activate the Halo Array. It has also been demonstrated that it is the role of a Reclaimer to activate Forerunner technology on installations such as the Ark or the Shield Worlds; it is also true that other, undiscovered Forerunner constructs also require a Reclaimer to operate in some fashion lay scattered across the galaxy.
Now, Master Chief has been in cryo sleep for some time after the events of Halo 3, and for the Halo 4 trailer is woken up when the ship he's been adrift in space in is caught approaching a shield world of some kind. Now, the Reclaimer definition refers to how only a Reclaimer can activate such technology, which leads to a pretty clear assumption that this planet is that of either past foreunners, or current ones. The foreunners again for those who don't exact follow the story, here is the halo wiki. For those who do, skip the bold. Forerunner is the translated name for the ancient race of enlightened beings that were the creators and builders of the Halo Array, the Ark, and the Shield Worlds, along with the artifacts that were found on the planets Reach, Earth, Sigma Octanus IV, Harvest, Arcadia, Sanghelios, Kholo, and Janjur Qom. All that is known about the Forerunner has been gleaned from these various artifacts. The predecessors of the Forerunner are thought to be another alien race, known as the Precursors. The alien faction known as the Covenant worshiped the Forerunners as gods, deriving much of their technology from Forerunner artifacts found throughout the galaxy, and believing any who mutilated or destroyed these relics to be heretics.[1] The Forerunners themselves were a bipedal species with five-digited hands,[2] but this may have been Cortana's interpretation of the evidence.
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User Info: xiTz_RyaNx

5 years ago#2
Now said in the Halo games, the forerunners have been long gone, but with the destruction of the flood, along with the Halo rings, it seems to me like their back up plan for stopping the flood infestation without the rings, could be their return. Now, with the Ark activated, and all of the other forerunner artifacts that Master Chief has activated with the Halo Rings, and even the Library, we've yet to see any form of the reclaimers, so why not now? Maybe, their whole plan all along was to let humanity and life in the universe run its course along with the covenant and all other life forms for a certain amount of time, and just sit back and watch, giving up little bits of technology here and there? It's clear that the forerunners showed alot of interest in both the human race and covenant because of the Ark laying wait underneith the earth's very surface, and nearly all of the covenants technology is derived from forerunner artifacts and technology. Why else would only human beings(Reclaimers?) or forerunners have the power to access this kind of technology in the first place? My thought is that the Forerunners are making their return to our Universe to do what their floor infestation an d Halo Rings couldn't, and wipe out all life in the galaxy to restart and rebuild. It could all be part of a vicious cycle that the forerunners have been going through for millions of years. It's a far out their theory, but the best one I've come up with, and that I've seen or heard so far. This new Halo trilogy is going to be about Master Chief taking it to these god like beings, forerunners, and making his best attempt(and you know he'll succeed) and preventing the destruction of the universe and all life in it. You can easily assume that any kind of relationship with the covenant like that was built during Halo 3 will return in some form, because the chief can't do it himself. We'll probably see some badass Chief+Arbiter=Army of two super team, and then both Earth, the UNSC and the Covenant will make their feeble attempts at combating the Forerunner Ultra Powers. 343i will squeeze the story out into 3 games, and hopefully go right where bungie started to fall after Halo 3. I have faith in them; hopefully Halo 4 kicks ass. That's all, end rant.
You have to take into consideration that the Gears are the most muscular people on Sera and could stab a blunt pencil through a Locust. - therickmu25

User Info: GrimHero

5 years ago#3
Please edit your post into paragraphs. Just because you have a lot to talk about doesn't mean it has to be a literal wall of text. Thanks.
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User Info: xHughJasx

5 years ago#4
I'm not reading that without paragraphs or even a friggin' indent. My tiny brain and horrible eye sight just shut down at the sight of that wall.
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User Info: EmperorLinkX

5 years ago#5
i read those walls of text (barely) and your second post just described the reapers from mass effect. and how could you post stuff from the halo wiki and not even read about humanity's history?

humanity was once equal to the forerunners in terms of power and technology. but due to humanity being weakened by the flood, they entered into a war with the forerunners in order to recover their losses. after fighting a war on 2 fronts, humanity lost. the forerunners then restricted humanity to a single planet (earth) and reduced them back to the stone age.

the forerunners then began fighting a losing war against the flood and as a last resort, built and activated the halos killing them and all life (forerunnners are NOT coming back without some random explanation) in the galaxy. their machinery then re-seeded the galaxy (save for the forerunners).

before activating the halos, the forerunners made it so that only humans (the only other race to be equal to themselves) could fully work their technology. to reclaim both their own history, and the forerunners'. hence the name the monitors called MC (he's human, and all humans are reclaimers).
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User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#6
While I could see the Precursors as a Reaper-esque destroyer of worlds (though hopefully with much better motivation than ME3 seems to give them), I doubt the Forerunner are even capable of that.

User Info: Lawfish66

5 years ago#7
devil mingy posted...
While I could see the Precursors as a Reaper-esque destroyer of worlds (though hopefully with much better motivation than ME3 seems to give them), I doubt the Forerunner are even capable of that.

They had killed off the San'Shyum and nearly us as well, plus with 5 more Halo's left, who's to say they can't?
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User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#8
^ Because they're morons. A plan 100,000 years in the making requires hem to have a degree of foresight that Cryptum tells me doesn't exist. They also have no control over the Flood at all.

This kind of plan might work for the Precursors, but not the Forerunners.

User Info: pasteldepapa

5 years ago#9
And when master chief finally takes off his helmet, this is what we'll see

I think you're right

User Info: allsome

5 years ago#10
It's a good theory and would be really cool to see some brand new enemies like
Forerunners to fight instead of the same enemies we've encountered for three games in a row. Plus, we would see a whole new array of weaponry, vehicles, and equipment.
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